Gears 5 Warden Boss Guide

In this guide, we will take a look at the Warden enemy type and how to defeat them. Gears 5, the latest installment in the Gears of War franchise, is filled with numerous enemy types. Some of them are variations of the old ones and some are completely new. One such enemy in Gears 5 is the Warden.

Gears 5 Warden Boss Fight

Wardens, a type of Swarm Scion, have dual Breaker Maces. The maces are made from locust crystal shells. A couple of hits can knock you down. Wardens due to their impenetrable chrysalis shells are immune to gunfire. But as every enemy has a weak point so do Wardens. Our guide here will help you fight them without much trouble.

Kait and the companions face the Warden throughout the storyline. Though, the first encounter is in the chapter Forest for the Trees.

How to Defeat the Warden

Wardens are bigger than normal Swarm enemies and look a lot like Scions. They have almost invulnerable skin so shooting their bodies is pretty much pointless and an ammo dump.

Since they are melee attackers, the Warden enemies wield two giant maces that can hurt quite a lot if the players are unlucky enough to get hit. Not only do their mace attacks have a decent range, but they can also perform a jump attack, charge you or perform a ground slam to stun you so always keep your distance when fighting the Wardens.

Their head is the only part that is not protected by the chrysalis shells. So, they wear bullet-resistant helmets, but these helmets can be knocked off by explosives or bullets.

The perfect way to deal damage to a Warden is to first knock off their helmet and then go for headshots as their head is their only weak spot. To deal significant damage to them, you must break down or weaken their armor first. The best way to do this is by using a frag grenade or just shoot the helmet a bit.

After removing his headgear, you must be careful and avoid three potential attacks from the enemy which are, a swoop, a rush, and creating an explosive wave by hitting the two maces on the ground.

Warden usually wanders towards the target but if you continue to shoot the Warden’s head in succession, while it will deal a lot of damage it will also make him a bit more aggressive and smarter as they will shield their face with their maces and then move towards you faster than normal.

In such situations, stop wasting ammo as the mace blocks all bullets and go for explosives to weaken them a bit and make the Wardens drop their heavy mace so the head is vulnerable again.

It is best to use Longshot, Boomshot, or a powerful weapon like a machine gun. As long as it is about Jack’s abilities the best one to use in Flash, this immobilizes the enemy for some time.

Your highest priority on the battlefield must be the Warden. You cannot break your focus from him. Do not stop shooting at him to kill off the tiny Swarm drones; it is not worth it. The Drones won’t even bother you that much. Take the Warden down as quickly as possible by centralizing all your fire on him.

The crux is to shoot at Warden’s head – run – and repeat until the enemy is knocked out.

Once the Warden has been defeated, you can also pick up its Mace weapon and wield it as a melee weapon that has a huge AoE attack and can kill most smaller enemies with just one hit

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