Here Is Gears 5 Store With All Skins, Cosmetics and Microtransactions

Gears of War 5 releases in less than a week. The Coalition has promised us many things from the game. They have told us it’s the biggest Gears of War game made, they have told us that it will be riskier than Gears 4. And with the debate surrounding lootboxes, they seem to have taken a stance by not including randomized paid items. However, they still have included microtransactions for cosmetics and premium skins, which don’t have an impact on the gameplay.

We now know what the final look of the Gears of War 5 Store is like, thanks to a youtube video. The youtuber made the video at a select viewing for a developer’s studio.

The video shows us that there’s a fairly extensive customization menu in Gears 5. But some options are limited to the people who are willing to pay for it. You can buy characters skins, expressions, cosmetic skins for weapons, the style that bloodsprays in and flags.

There are two in game currencies, one is the tradition “Scrap Iron”. This you will earn through the “Tour of Duty”  (free season pass) or real life currency. The second is “Iron”, which can only be bought with real life money. This is to be used to buy “premium customization content”.

We don’t have a proper idea of how much “Iron” will cost in real life money. What we do know is that you can use “Iron” to buy “Boosts”. Since that is the case, we can’t help but wonder how the claims that money won’t affect the gameplay will work. Boosts will obviously give you more Scrap Iron or Experience and this will lead to the people paying, having an edge over those who don’t.

Now, considering the current environment where lootboxes are the norm, the microtransactions  in Gears 5 don’t seem that bad. After all, as some would argue, does it matter if you can pay to change how you can look like? It doesn’t result in an unfair advantage? And I would be inclined to agree. But only because the status quo is so bad that things that seemed unacceptable in the past, seem fair now.

There’s a counter on top that seems to imply items on the menu will “rotate” with time. This is so in Fortnite as well. As is common knowledge, the rotating menu feature has been the cause of much anger among gamers because it “compels” people to buy stuff. This happens by making you think that if you don’t get it now, you won’t be able to get it later.

But overall, The Coalition has delivered on its promise of including no random lootboxes. The microtransactions that are included, don’t give an unfair advantage.

Gears 5 releases on the 6th of September for those who have Game Pass or the Ultimate Edition. The rest of us will have to wait till the 10th of September. It will be available on Xbox One and PC.