Gears 5 Release Date Confirmed Ahead of Microsoft’s E3 2019 Press Conference

The Coalition studio head Rod Fergusson has revealed in a recent Tweet that Gears 5 release date is set for fall 2019 and will come to Xbox Game Pass.

The Coalition studio head Rod Fergusson has confirmed that Gears 5 release date is set for fall 2019. Fergusson confirmed Gears of War 5 release date recently on Twitter by posting an ad for the game which is now on display at Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Apart from the Tweet, massive posters surrounding the LA Convention Center also confirm that the game is indeed coming this fall. You can check out a picture of the poster below as provided by GameSpot.

Gears 5 Poster at E3

This confirmation by Fergusson does align with the previous rumors of Gears 5 release date. Gears of War 5 release date was previously hinted via leaked box art back in May 2019.

According to the leak discovered by Generation Xbox, Gears of War 5 will release on September 10, 2019. However, the September 10 release date should be treated as a rumor for now. We can do nothing but wait until Microsoft reveals a specific release date of the game at E3 2019 or after.

Another interesting thing to take out of Gears 5 poster is that the game will be coming to or launch via Xbox Game Pass service. In case you don’t already, Xbox Game Pass is a monthly subscription service which allows users to have access to a catalog of games from a range of publishers and developers.

This way, Xbox Game Pass subscription owners will not have to spend any additional money to start playing the game when it arrives. Hopefully, Microsoft will talk about Gears 5 coming to Xbox Game Pass in detail at E3.

With that said, it’s safe to say that Microsoft will finally talk about the game in detail at E3 2019 ahead of the game’s release later this fall. We have heard very little about the game since its announcement at E3 2018 with a trailer.

Gears 5 has been confirmed to be part of Microsoft’s E3 press conference and is one of the 14 first-party Xbox One titles that the company will discuss at the event. We can expect to see another Gears of War 5 trailer at the event along with some gameplay.

Gears of War 5 will release on Xbox One and PC. The upcoming entry in Gears of War series stars Kate Diaz as the protagonist. According to the head of Microsoft, Gears 5 development is going very well. In February, Phil Spencer visited the studio of The Coalition in Vancouver to check on the game and came back very impressed.

Interested folks who want to know about Gears release date should watch Microsoft’s E3 2019 press conference live on Sunday, June 9 at 1 PM PT.

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