Gears 5 Matriarch Boss Fight Guide – How to Kill the Matriarch

At the end of Act 2 of Gears 5, you end up facing against the Matriarch boss in an underground lab. The fight itself is fairly simple in how it’s done but the boss is powerful enough to kill you almost immediately. Thus we’ve prepared this handy little Gears 5 Matriarch Boss Fight guide to help you get through the encounter quickly and easily.

Gears 5 Matriarch Boss Fight

The fight is much tougher if you’re playing as Kait alone so it’s helpful to have a second person as Del. The boss immediately presents his biggest weakness to you when you reach the cold waters; he becomes frozen solid so be sure to keep that in mind throughout the fight.

When he’s frozen, you’ll spot a weak point behind so get back there and start attacking. You’ll have about 8 seconds to do so before the boss frees himself. Keep repeating this strategy of freezing and attack to win the fight.

Unfortunately, the villain is too quick for the Cryo gun so we’d advise against you using I at him directly and so just use the environment instead. Shoot the ice beneath the monster anytime he charges at you to make the boss fall in the water and get frozen.

Although the pattern of the boss is more or less predictable for the most part, he will break it to do a move in which he grabs a spike from his body and uses it as a projectile against you. Avoid it at all costs as it does a lot of damage so be spread to roll out of the way.

Near the end of the fight, the Matriarch will change the strategy a bit and instead of one spike, throw multiple in a circle around itself. This is telegraphed when the boss pulls out one spike from its shoulder and then uses it to scratch the ground to make an ear-piercing sound.

Whenever the boss charges at you, be sure to dodge in time because in most cases that is a one-hit attack that will kill your player instantly instead of downing.

Jack’s stealth cloak is useful here to confuse the boss as Matriarch is blind and responds to sound. That tip is also useful to lure Matriarch into hitting walls or avoiding by slowly walking around when it is searching for you.

Kait’s mobility will also become limited when she starts having trouble with her vision so you have to strafe instead of running. During this, be fast and be careful when repeating the same steps and eventually; You’ll take him down.