Gears 5 Explains In Two New Videos The Escape Mode And The Map Builder

Gears 5 explains in two new videos the Escape mode and the map builder. This is undoubtedly one of the most important games of this year.

This new installment is keeping a huge mystery regarding the campaign, just a small introduction as a synopsis was presented at the E3 2018 and some revealing data of the world and its playability. The Coalition is currently putting all the meat on the grill to promote the multiplayer, specifically in the new game mode called Escape and the map builder.

Escape is the new addition to the Gears saga and offers a cooperative experience. With a three-player squad, we must cooperate to destroy a Locust hive. For this, each character will have very specific skills, in the purest hero-shooter style. Since its presentation at E3 2019, many and varied gameplays have emerged in this way.

The other great novelty is the map builder, a way that goes hand in hand with Escape because it gives us the ability to create our own maps for this particular game mode. We will be free to design these labyrinthine maps and then, after trying it for ourselves, publish them and share them with the community.

During the past E3 2019, the fans expected to know more about the story mode, however for some reason The Coalition prefers that it be kept as secret as possible, in fact on its roadmap there is no campaign presentation until the same day September 6 when the owners of the Ultimate Edition or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can have early access to the game.

In spite of that and of the doubts that it can generate, The Coalition assured us that it will have the biggest campaign of the saga to date.

According to the aforementioned roadmap, the next stop is the Gamescom 2019, a place selected to show the new Horde mode, a veteran mode of the saga that perfected its formula in Gears of War 4.

Gears 5 will be released on September 10 for Xbox One and PC.

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