Gears 5 Act 4 Collectibles Guide – Where to Find All Hidden Collectibles

Everyone, it seems that we’re on the home stretch now! The final act, Act 4, with the fewest number of collectibles, this section of the game will require the least amount of exploration. Let’s get to it!

Gears 5 Act 4 Collectibles

In this guide, we have shared the locations of all the collectibles found in Act 4.

Chapter 1 – Homefront

Encyclopedia of Tyran Military History
Once the mission starts, head upstairs and go to a room with desks and several pages are strewn about. Look on the right side and you’ll find a red book.

Ruptured Gear Helmet
Exit the barracks and head on to the road. You’ll be told to go left to join the battle; instead, head right and keep going till you reach a dead end. The helmet will be there.

COG Tags: Mihn Young Kim
This can be found just before you’re about to enter the Tomb. Go past the door and look for a wrecked car surrounded by large slabs of concrete. On one of those slabs, you’ll find the Tag.

Restoration Notice
Tomb of the Unknowns: Right outside the door of the Tomb; look to the right of the door just as you’re about to go in. The last collectible of this chapter.

That’s it for all the collectibles for now. Wipe off all that sweat and pat yourself on the back for a job well done, soldier! You’ve earned all these goodies through hard effort and perseverance, and a little bit of help from this guide. Happy hunting!

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