Gears 5 Act 3 Collectibles Guide – Where to Find All Hidden Collectibles

Continuing our expedition to attain all collectibles, we’ve now entered the penultimate Act of the game – the meaty bit. With a total of 19 collectibles, the Act 3 does not require as much searching or tedious exploration as the previous Act; nonetheless, we’ve decided to set out on this excursion and we will succeed!

Gears 5 Act 3 Collectibles

The following are the locations of all the collectibles in Act 3 of the game:

Chapter 1 – Fighting Chance

Corisku Newspaper
As soon as you gain control of your character, go to the bar in front of you; at the end of the bar, you’ll find a newspaper.

Doomed Empire, by Logan Hobbs
At the far end of the building, near baggage collection to the right, you’ll see a stack of boxes; you’ll find it there.

Missive to Agent 9
Can be found in the airport. Walk past the security check, and go to the room on the right, opposite to where Baird is. Look for a corner desk.

Nomad’s Creed
Go outside the Airport and look for tents. To the left of Paduk, on a table near those tents.

The Astounding Lightning Rangers
Once you’ve conversed with Paduk and Baird, go to Hangar 4. Look to the left of the chopper.

Chapter 2 – Rocket Plan

Hammer of Dawn Command Case
Something to note, all collectibles in this chapter can be found in the hangar you’re currently in. Look for a skeleton in the command room; the case is at its feet.

OZP-11 Termination Directive
Go to the main hangar bay after leaving the command room. Go down to the lower levels; to your left, you’ll see barrels – the directive is on top of one of the barrels.

UIR Space Mission Brief
After a firefight, look for a room located on the right side. You’re looking for a small office with a body in the left corner. There will be a bench in the back of the room, to the left of the corpse; it’s there.

Loyalist Orders from Major Toly
Head to where the gantry is but don’t ride it! Go to the right side and look for sandbags stacked on top of one another; the collectible is on a box behind the sandbags.

URI Tag: Major Toly
Continue through the level and after your next firefight, you’ll be in a room with tanks and other broken machinery. Go to the Tank that’s in the center of the room, next to it you’ll find the COG with the Tag you need.

The Major’s Speech
After you exit the dark tunnel, you will enter a brightly lit room. Look to your left and you’ll see a table with a console on top, that’s where you’ll find the chapter’s last collectible.

Chapter 3 – Some Assembly Required

Nomad’s Sketchings
Can be located in the Water Tower, in the same room as the Nomad (This can be collected even during chapter 1 of Act 3).

UIR Circuit A1
Once you’ve fought the Hunter during the Scavenger’s side mission, head to the City Ruins and look around (Can be done during chapter 1 of Act 3).

UIR Circuit B1
While doing the Scavenger’s side mission, head to the Shipwreck. Go to the back of the Shipwreck and you’ll find it there.

Emergency Loyalist Radiogram
During the Scavenger’s side mission, go to where the Artillery Battery is located; it can be found nearby.

UIR Circuit C1
Can be found in the same location as the previous collectible; go further upstairs and look for it.

UIR Tag: Lieutenant Melich
Go to the Turntable Control Room and make sure not activate the button using Jack – you won’t get it if you do this. Go to the back of the room, where it’s dark and you’ll find it.

Lightmass Missile Fragment
As you’re making your way to the Cosmonaut Training Facility you will come across a giant crater. To the right of the crater, you will find the collectible.

UIR Tag: Captain Tagger
Once you’ve completed the centrifuge battle, go to the beacons on the right side; the collectible is near it.

Let’s move on to Act 4!

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