Gearbox Remastering Homeworld 1 and 2

A couple of months back, when THQ went belly up a couple of its assets were snapped up by Gearbox. Namely, Homeworld 1 and Homeworld 2.

Now it seems that the developer of Borderlands is looking to release remastered versions of these titles on Steam. The studio is no doubt going to be updating the graphics and art assets of the game, and the new games will probably fit high resolution displays.

For those of you crying nay at this action worry not, as they’ll also be sending out copies of the original games with each purchase to leave older fans’ nostalgia unmarred. Unfortunately, there has been no word of a price as of yet but we will keep you posted.

Homeworld, for those of you who are not familiar, is a space-age RTS game developed by Relic and was the first such game to be fully three dimensional. Movement is not restricted to any axis and this allows for interesting gameplay. It was critically acclaimed. The sequel, Homeworld 2 was also well received by many game publications and praised for improving on the original.

These was no sequel for a while after, as Relic was purchased by THQ in 2004 but the IP still belonged to Sierra Entertainment. THQ finally managed to acquire the license in 2007 but failed to produce a game using it in the six years they possessed it. Finally in 2013 they declared bankruptcy and Relic went to SEGA while the IP was snagged by Gearbox.

Source: Eurogamer

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