Fans Believe Age Of Mythology Is Returning

The fan-favorite real-time strategy-based Age of Mythology franchise is believed to be making a grand comeback in the near future.

Taking to Twitter on the weekend, WindowsCentral and GamesBeat journalists Jez Corden and Jeff Grubb toyed with fans about “cool” Age of Mythology was and how it “could be” again.

The teasers naturally mean nothing at present, but have certainly riled up fans of the franchise into expecting an announcement soon.

Age of Mythology was released back in 2002 to commercial success, selling more than 1 million copies on PC within the first four months. The game delves into Greek, Egyptian, and Norse mythologies where players can choose one culture to build and worship their way to greatness.

Age of Mythology received The Titans and Tale of the Dragon expansions in 2003 and 2016 respectively. The former introduced the Atlanteans as a new culture, and an ability to summon a Titan unit that could destroy enemy cities on its own. Tale of the Dragon added the Chinese as another new culture with new gods and deities alongside a brand new single-player campaign.

Despite its success, Age of Mythology never received a sequel and has been lying in stasis for nearly two decades now. The game received an extended edition in 2014 that raised hopes of a sequel though, but no such announcements or intentions have been shared to date.

Age of Mythology: Extended Edition is currently available for purchase on Steam for $30. It bundles the Titans expansion along with several visual enhancements such as improved water, shadows, lighting, anti-aliasing, and ambient occlusion. The extended edition also features support for Steamworks and its modding workshop as well as multiplayer.

Fans can keep their fingers crossed that they do not have to wait any longer to hear about Age of Mythology 2 in the making.

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