GaymerX Rebranded GX3 For New Kickstarter Convention

Game convention GaymerX, which caters to LGBTQ movements, is currently seeking funds for its third edition, now rebranded as GX. In full, this year’s event would be called GX3: Everyone Games.

GX3 is on Kickstarter, asking for a goal of $80,000. Its total cost for the convention is estimated at $179,500, but the organizers will try to recoup that through sponsorship.

After their previous gathering met with company issues, such as NIS America struggling to keep its financial backing promise, others jumped in to help the event. Publisher Devolver Digital and developers Mike Bithell, Dim Bulb Games and Coffee Stain Studios have pledged at least $3,000.

For GX3, Blizzard Entertainment will throw in a generous $10,000. Dating app Hornet will run $50,000 worth of advertising on their service, which is quaint but most charitable regardless.

To further prevent issues from previous iterations, the convention will be moved to off season, so it can retain its spot in San Francisco, but make it more accessible for people trying to find space. Additionally, the venue is yet undecided and won’t be locked down until the organizers have a good view of how their funding is holding up.

It’s also stated that no organizers will be allotted a salary until costs are recouped. This should squash earlier concerns, where some of the event head figures were accused of using funds for personal reasons.

GX3: Everyone Games will take place either in November or December of 2015. Tickets cost $60, but will climb up to $70 plus fees after the Kickstarter campaign.

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