Garden Warfare 2 Zombies Bosses Guide – Tips, Strategy to Kill

Tips and strategy to kill Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Zombie Bosses that are very large and tough AI-controlled enemies and appear in Garden Ops game mode during waves five and ten. They may also appear at the Backyard Battleground when you get too close to the zombie base while playing as a plant.

Garden Warfare 2 Zombies Bosses Tips and Strategy

Garden Warfare 2 Zombies Bosses are tougher than regular zombies, and have special abilities that deal plenty of damage.

Gargantuar is the big bulky zombie that comes into battle with a telephone poll and an imp on its back. He will use the telephone poll as a smashing weapon, and will launch the imp like a missile (and that tiny bugger can explode).

Gargantuar is also immune to ice attacks. Given that this boss’s biggest threat is up close with his telephone poll, it’s best to stay as far away from him as possible and attack from a distance.

Keep an eye out for when he bends; this is an indication that he’s about to launch his explosive imp. In such cases, get behind cover to avoid taking some damage.

All in all, the basic Gargantuar is not as tough as some of its meaner variants provided you can keep distance between your plant and him.

Giga Gargantuar
The Giga Gargantuar is essentially a Gargantuar on steroids. He’ll come with the same weapons: a telephone poll and that pesky explosive imp. However, he uses these weapons differently. He can now send electricity at long distance with his poll, and can launch multiple imps from his back. Yikes!

The Giga Gargantuar is beefed up, and is also immune to ice like the normal variant. The best way to take him out is to have the entire team focus on him.

While the standard Gargantuar can be taken out by one or two plants, Mr. Giga’s long-ranged abilities can make him overwhelming for just a couple of individuals.

Team-focus all your attacks on him, with all the members staying near cover to avoid the dangerous imp and electric attacks.

Mecha Gargantuar
The Mecha Gargantuar is an imp controlling a bipedal robotic zombie mech. Thankfully, it’s a tad slower than the actual Gargantuar, but it is still incredibly dangerous in melee range due to a devastating electrical smash attack that it will do near itself.

The best strategy to take him out is to attack from a distance. Aim for the imp, as the robot has incredible resilience and will take less damage. Avoid its smashing attacks as much as possible.

Have one player lure it while the others flank and attack the imp.

Disco Zombie
The Disco Zombie boss is obsessed with break dancing. He attacks with a fully automatic laser weapon, and has a spinning dance melee attack if you get too close. The Disco Zombie dances around while moving, which makes him a tad slow.

The best way to attack the Disco Zombie is to stay behind cover and wait for him to ‘dance’ around towards you. While dancing, he’s going to be extremely vulnerable.

Take this opportunity and shoot him as much as possible, then get behind cover again once he starts shooting. Make sure not to get within his melee range as his spinning attack can do quite a bit of damage.

Despite being large and bulky, the Yeti is one of the fastest Zombie Bosses. As expected, the Yeti will use ice attacks to freeze and damage plants. The boss will shoot ice balls from a distance.

Any plant that gets struck by it will be frozen in place for a short time. It also has a short-ranged AoE ice-attack that will freeze players within a close perimeter. The Yeti is also unsurprisingly immune to ice attacks.

The Yeti’s agility can make him a big threat. The best way to deal with him is to constantly move around. Jump around the map and keep your distance while shooting at him constantly. Avoid his ice ball attacks and make sure you do not stray too close to him to trigger his short-ranged attack.

Baron Von Bat
This Victorian era vampire-zombie has several tricks up his sleeves. Baron Von Bat can transform into a group of bats to quickly move about in a map, giving him incredible agility. He will often use this move to avoid damage.

Being a vampire, he is able to suck health from plants (an herbivorous vampire?) using a rainbow beam from range or a melee attack up close. In addition to these abilities, he can also summon his own unique vampire-zombie minions.

Baron Von Ba should be attacked as a group, and from a medium distance. Your team should spread out so it’s easy to catch him after he transforms into bats to flee.

He’ll do that often, and it can be incredibly annoying considering the additional zombies that will spawn, so make sure you have every place covered so he has nowhere to go.

If you’re playing solo, try to get up to vantage points where it’d be easy to traverse the map if he decides to flee.

Zen Sensei
Zen Sensei is an old karate master zombie. As you’d expect from a martial arts master, he’s incredibly quick, agile, and will look to get up close to deal damage with some karate attacks.

If you’re too far, he’ll use explosive balls to attack you. Once his health gets low, he will create duplicates of himself to confuse and overwhelm you. Go all-out team attack when facing Zen Sensei, as his swiftness and agility make him incredibly difficult to deal with for just a couple of plants.

Peashooters work brilliantly against this boss, as their hyper ability allows them to keep distance while constantly hitting Zen Sensei. Get behind cover when he uses his charged explosive ball attack.

If you’re going solo, move from cover to cover while keeping distance with a Peashooter. Once he splits into three, keep an eye out for the correct one and take him out.

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