Garden Warfare 2 PvZ Coins and Stars Farming Guide – How to Earn Quick

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 PvZ Coins and Stars are types of currencies that can be used to purchases some awesome stuff in the game.

The two currencies are Coins and Stars. Coins come in the form of the familiar PvZ Coins, while stars are a tad rarer. This guide will tell you what you need to know about them, and how they are earned.

Garden Warfare 2 PvZ Coins

PvZ Coins return in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, but they are slightly different in function now to accommodate the new XP system in the game. These coins are earned by completing Multiplayer games and Ops waves.

In addition to this, coins are also found across the entire game. They are often found in treasure chests and other areas in the form of diamonds. Diamonds collected will automatically turn into coins.

The PvZ Coins can then be used at the Sticker Shop to purchase Sticker Packs. Sticker Packs contain unlockables like consumable items, customization items, and the much sought-after character variations.

Garden Warfare 2 Stars

The second currency in the game is in the form of Stars. This is new to the series. Stars are primarily earned by completing quests from the Quest Board. These stars are used as a special currency around the backyard, giving them multiple functions.

They can be used to clear debris, open treasure chests, open doors; access plant-enchanted garderns, or tombstones in Ops.

The most important use of stars however comes in Infinity Time. Infinity Time is a new defense horde mode. Unlike all the other quests that can be done over and over again, Infinity Time costs stars to play. You will also need stars to unlock advanced waves.

Once you unlock a wave, you can start from that wave the next time you play Infinity Time. Here’s the cost of each wave in Infinity Time:

Wave 1
5 Stars

Wave 6
8 Stars

Wave 11
11 Stars

Wave 16
14 Stars

Wave 21
17 Stars

In addition to Infinity Time, you can also spend stars at the Mysterious Fish in the sewers to instantly gain some XP. Spending five stars at the fish will instantly grant you 750 XP.

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