Garden Warfare 2 Earning XP Fast and Level Up Fast

Garden Warfare 2 has a new system for leveling up characters. This is primarily carried out by earning XP to level up. Whenever you level up your plant or zombie, their stats will increase, and they will become better at everything they do.

Garden Warfare 2 Earning XP Fast and Level Up Fast

Each Plant and Zombie character as well as character variation earns XP for doing various activities. These activities include vanquishes, revives, healing, clearing Ops waves, and other tasks.

Whenever these tasks are completed, the amount of XP earned is shown in the lower left corner of the screen with ‘XP’ written next to it.

Above your health (and beneath that XP indicator) is the level gauge. This gauge gradually fills up as you collect more XP. Once it is full, your character is leveled up.

It is important to note that character and character variations do not share levels. This means that you will have to level variations individually; a Plasma Peashooter’s level is independent of a Toxic Peashooter.

Your overall player rank is influenced by the character levels of all fourteen characters and over 100 character variations. At the start, each Plant and Zombie character as well as your player rank will be at one.

When a character ranks up, your player rank will also increase by one. If your Peashooter is at Level 5 and your Kernel Corn is at Level 3, your player rank will be Level 7.

Earning XP Fast, XP Multipliers
The amount of XP you gain for every action can be increased with XP Multipliers. A new XP Multiplier is achieved after completing five quests from the Quest Board. There are four XP multipliers: 1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x, and 2x.

Once the multiplier is in effect, take best use of it. It will go down over tie when you are not playing the game, so don’t ignore it!

Character Promotion
Once a character reaches level 10, it can be promoted. To promote a character, you will need to their section in the stats room and interact with the upward pointing arrow.

Promoting a character will set them back to level 1 and give them a new title. You also gain 20,000 coins every time you promote a character. An individual character can be promoted up to five times.

The Mysterious Fish
If you’re looking for some extra XP and also happen to have plenty of Stars to spare, you can head over to the sewers beneath the Backyard Battleground and meet the Mysterious Fish. This fish will grant you XP in exchange of stars.

You can only trade five stars at a time with the fish. Every time you do, you will instantly earn 750 XP. This isn’t a bad way to quickly go through the initial levels of certain character variations after having played the game for a while and earned plenty of stars.

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