Gaming Is Officially Mainstream, As ESL Puts Dota 2 At Madison Square Garden


Gaming is moving up in the world, as ESL One will host its next Dota 2 tournament in New York in none other than the Madison Square Garden itself. It’s safe to say that this gaming business we all enjoy is mainstream now. This is a thing, an actual “thing.”

A total of eight of the world’s top Dota teams will go up against each other in this event that will throw in a sizable $100,000 prize pool. It will be held in the Theatre of Madison Square Garden from October 9 to October 10, 2014.

As is customary for these high profile eSports events now, ESL will partner with Twitch to make sure you can watch the tournament live through broadcasts. Naturally, you’ll have some of your favorite commentators on board for the ride too.

This ESL Dota 2 tournament is part of a 10-day event hosted by ReedPOP, called New York Super Week. It will lead in this year’s Comic Con held in the city.

Previously, ESL took to Frankfurt for its championships. It had over 12,000 attendees at the event itself, plus half a million more tuning in online.

It may just look like another tournament in the row of a lot more, which it is, but there is a societal connotation to arriving at the middle of New York. Madison Square Garden is often referred to artists as the place symbolizing “making it” to the big leagues.

Previously, the Theate hosted acts like Bruce Springsteen, Lady Gaga and Kanye West. While your taste may vary on the quality of these acts, at least it should measure the grandeur that eSports brands like ESL are managing to pull off.

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