Gaming Industry Profits Will Make Over $100 Billion In 2017

The industry analyst SuperData has estimated that gaming industry profits will make over $100 billion this year, marketing yet another increase in how profitable the gaming industry is. Considering how many highly anticipated games are coming out this year and next year, it’s not really that much of a surprise.

The huge amount of money will be coming from a variety of different gaming sources. While most of the revenue (according to SuperData $87.5 billion to be exact) will still be coming from the sales of video games, the rest of the money will come from other interactive media.

Interactive media in this instance means that we’ll be seeing money from virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, esports, and gaming related videos such as Let’s Plays, game reviews, and other things like that all having a chunk of gaming industry profits.

While the amount of money that interactive media will be making is only $6.3 billion, by 2020 SuperData estimates that that number will exponentially rise to $45.4 billion while conventional gaming reaches $123.5 billion.

All of this rise in profits lends credence to the rapidly expanding gaming industry not slowing down in the slightest. The esports market alone, already a big part of video gaming culture nowadays, could triple in size and make $1.5 billion.

Considering how important Twitch is to a lot of gamers, and how many streamers and Let’s Players make their livings off of Twitch and YouTube, the industry constantly growing can only be a good thing for them. Over 665 million people currently watch gaming video content on things like Twitch, with YouTube, of course, taking the top spot.

If SuperData’s predictions about the future of gaming industry profits is true, everything in the gaming world will only be making more money in the future, but whether video gaming can keep up with this sort of growth remains to be seen.