GameStop’s Kingdom Hearts 3 Pre-Order Bonus is a Cool Disney Poster

Kingdom Hearts 3 by Square Enix is due to hit the stores at the start of 2019. Being one of the most awaited RPG, Kingdom Hearts is still far from its release. However, to keep things hyped up GameStop are proposing a special Kingdom Hearts 3 Pre-Order Bonus that’ll take the excitement up a notch. GameStop is exclusively offering an epic Disney poster with a Kingdom Hearts 3 Pre-Order Bonus. Fans who are willing to buy in-advance even earlier than usual would go crazy for this remarkable Kingdom Hearts 3 Pre-Order Bonus.

GameStop recently tweeted from their official account proclaiming that the special pre-orders can now avail this opportunity. The poster that are up for grabs will be of Toy Story, Frozen or Monsters Inc. GameStop has left it upon the audience to decide which of the posters to be selected for pre-orders. People may decide to vote for any one of the three given posters which they wish to have. Specific hashtags posted on Twitter will decide the votes.

Every poster is different is view but the layout shares a common visual. Each poster has the major character of the concerned Disney series in middle inside a keyhole. The Toy Story poster features Woody in the mid with Donald, Goofy and Sora underneath. Characters beneath Woody are given a Lego-like form to resemble the Toy Story franchise. Wazowski and Sullivan can be seen through the hole in the Monsters Inc. feature poster. Sora, Donald and Goofy are also present below in their monster figures. Lastly, the Frozen poster has the well-known snowman Olaf in the center. Donald, Goofy and Sora are also seen in a frosty background. Shockingly, no Elsa or Anna reference in the poster.

Public trend seems to be going much toward the Toy Story poster for the Kingdom Hearts 3 Pre-Order Bonus, as of now. A group of followers is also wishing for a 3 poster bundle for the Kingdom Hearts 3 Pre-Order Bonus. We can see why they are wishing for that as it is not easy to choose between these epic Disney classics.

However, the decision must be done quickly so the fans can figure out which poster they’ll be getting as Kingdom Hearts 3 Pre-Order Bonus. The full game rolls outs on 25 January, 2019.

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