GameStop Praises Project Scorpio, 4K Is Real

During a recent meeting with the investors, GameStop has talked about Microsoft’s upcoming console Project Scorpio. The Chief Operating Officer, Tony Bartel has said that Gamestop is impressed with the console, which has been described as a powerful system that can provide true 4K experience.

Finally, we’re impressed with the Scorpio product. Unfortunately we can’t say anything specific other than what’s known. Scorpio is a very powerful system that’s really made for 4K. We see it a very gaming centric, very, very powerful unit and so we do believe that there will be some great games made for this.

However, optimism is always around when people talk about Project Scorpio.

Even Monolith Productions is excited for the console, as stated by technical director Matt Allen during a chat with TechRadar.

So far, we really like the hardware of the upcoming console by Microsoft. I don’t know how much they’ve revealed the specs, but it is an upgrade. It’s not just sort-of, ‘We’re going to upgrade some stuff.’ There’s things you can do with it. So, we’re pretty excited to be working with the company of Richmond specifically.

Speaking of technology and progress, what will be the next consoles able to do? Jamie Fisher, Climax Studios’ producer has tried to answer the question.

Fisher has stated that photorealism is an inevitability. The industry is strongly focused on making powerful hardware, a path that will lead companies to create games with incredible graphics. But of course Fisher is not sure  whether it’s the next generation or not.

Project Scorpio is a console in development at Microsoft. It will launch somewhere in 2017, and will provide authentic 4K.