GameStop Has Leaked 10 Unannounced Nintendo Switch SKUs, Get Ready For Surprises At E3

With E3 2018 around the corner, every developer is getting ready to reveal some interesting and brand new games on their selected platform with a hope that nobody gets to know about them before the official reveal. Which has been a tough case this year for everyone and especially for Nintendo.

Nintendo is set to have the biggest E3 conference ever with some big names to be announced at the event. A Gamestop employee has shared an image which shows the system update at GameStop where new products are added to the database which their SKUs (Stock Keeping Units).

Interestingly the picture shows ten of the new Switch games listed in the store today and all have the same prices set at $59.99 as the retail price. This means that Nintendo has a huge line up scheduled for Nintendo Switch at E3 which is going to keep us busy with some surprises.

That’s not all, PS4 and Xbox One SKUs were shared as well but they were three to be specific and they can also be three different versions of the game which were priced at $59.99, $79.99 and $99.99.

Now all that left for us is to wait for E3 2018 where everything will be revealed by Sony and Nintendo.

As for Nintendo, they have already revealed their E3 plans and is set to focus on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch.

The annual Nintendo E3 presentation shall be broadcasted at 5 pm UK time on Tuesday 12th June. Furthermore, E3 show will be pre-recorded video presentation which will be available to watch online, as always.

Other than that Fortnite on Switch has been rumored a lot lately and is expected to be revealed on E3.

Are you excited to see some new and unannounced titles by Nintendo at E3? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Gameranx

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