Gamestop Leak Suggests New Nintendo Switch Models Around Holiday 2019

A leak has appeared online which suggests that we might be seeing a Nintendo Direct live stream soon regarding a new Switch product which could be the upgraded Nintendo Switch 2 or Switch Lite.

The leak in question is a screenshot of Gamestop’s stock-keeping database which shows that they have added 18 new Nintendo Switch SKUs in their database.

Now, there are a couple of interesting things that can be speculated from this screenshot alone. First of all, perhaps the most interesting part of it — the date. The date on Gamestop’s Nintendo Switch SKUs is for 31st of December, 2019. Now this date can mean a number of things. As you can see, it is dated for the end of the year and also the start of 2020 which is also just six days from Christmas.

Usually, companies push out new products around holidays because of their high demand. There’s a huge demand for electronic items during holidays, particularly gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch.

Most of the time, stores expect to sell a lot of stock during these dates due to Christmas and New Year because of their high demand. It is a common tradition for people to make huge purchases to give gifts, buy things for the New Year, and just for their own entertainment as well.

Companies like Nintendo deliberately put the launch dates of their products as close to holiday dates such as Christmas and New Year as a sales tactic. So, there’s a chance this leaked Gamestop store database SKUs could be showing a new Nintendo Switch product scheduled to sell during the upcoming holidays.

On the other hand, the leaked image of Gamestop’s store database showing Nintendo Switch SKUs could mean something else entirely. The demand for new products around the holidays is also why store stock sells at a faster pace than usual.

So, stores have to keep their shelves stocked during these dates. They are constantly ordering new items from the company warehouses. What we see in this leaked image of the Nintendo Switch SKUs could simply restock.

We know that Nintendo Switch Lite’s release date is soon on the horizon. We also know that the upgraded version of the Nintendo Switch, the HAC-001(-01), is also set to release soon in the west.

With most of Nintendo’s attention towards the release for Switch Lite, the upgraded Nintendo Switch 2 will have a release date after the Switch Lite. So there’s a huge chance what we are seeing in the leaked image of Gamestop’s store database is the upgraded Nintendo Switch 2 SKUs.

In any case, the leaked image raises a lot of questions and it is likely we will see some kind of confirmation from Nintendo in the next Nintendo Direct live stream.

Since Nintendo hasn’t confirmed any of this information yet, most of this is just speculation at this point. The best thing to do is to be patient and take all of this with a grain of salt.