Game of Thrones RPG Statues Locations Guide

To unlock Devout Follower achievement or trophy in Game of Thrones RPG, you will have to find all statues of the Seven and that is where our Game of Thrones RPG Statues Locations guide comes in to help.

Game of Thrones RPG Statues Locations

To trigger your quest to find these statues, meet Walder after your training. He will give you a statue (The Warrior) and ask you to find other Seven.

These statues can be found throughout the game, if you seem lost, look for them in these locations.

Statue – The Warrior
After your combat training, when you meet Walder, he gives you the statue of the warrior which is going to unlock the quest to find seven statues. One you already have and the rest six are the one you have to find

Statue – The Mother
Location. In Chapter 5, go to Mole’s town and then head to Jeyne’s room to find the statue in her dresser.’

Statue – The Father
Location. In Chapter 7, When you read the letter from Mors’ father, you can have this statue inside the dresser in the same place.

Statue – The Maiden
Location. In Chapter 8, complete the side quest “Self-Maid-Girl” and you can get this statue from Bethany. She is a girl whom you send back to the whore house as per requirement. Meet her again to get the statue from her.

Statue – The Smith
Location. In Chapter 8, you can buy a statue from the merchant while you move from King’s Landing to Riverspring. You will have to spend 1 Gold and 20 Silver Pieces for the statue.

Statue – The Stranger
Location. This statue is also related to a side quest named “Avenge Riverspring” (Chapter 8). At the end, when you kill mallador brax and his guards, you will find a statue place on a desk in the same room.

Statue – The Crone
Location. In chapter 12, a statue can be found from Ravella’s dead body.

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