All Game Modes of Rainbow Six Siege are 5v5, Ubisoft Confirms

Ubisoft Montreal discussed Rainbow Six Siege in detail recently; 5v5, Lean feature and more were discussed in detail.

Have you been keeping an eye out for the two Tom Clancy’s games that Ubisoft is bringing out this year? If yoou have been thinking why nothing was being said regarding Rainbow Six Siege these days, here’s Ubisoft Montreal sharing some more details.

Game designer Andrew J. Witts of Ubisoft Montreal was interviewed recently where he shed light on many of the features that Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is going to bring forth.

The most important confirmation made by the game designer was that no matter how many modes this game has, all of them are going to be based on a 5v5 structure and nothing else:

After extensive testing we found that 5v5 works best in terms of giving players a tight teamplay experience where communication and cooperation is vital to success on both attack and defense.

Moving on, if you have been wondering whether the game has any ties with the previous installments in the series, Witts clarified that he won’t go into details but he did share some hints:

What I can say is that Siege is its own branch from the previously established Rainbow lore. We want players to feel invited to play inside the Rainbow Six universe without the previous games being mandatory for entry.

He also discussed the Lean feature which is returning in the game saying that it “was a very integral part of the gunplay of the previous first-person games, not only because it allowed visibility around corners, but also because it gives the player total control over their positioning.”

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege was officially announced at E3 2014 and it has been in development for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ever since.

So far the developers have not shared any specific release dates but we are bound to get it before the turn of the year.

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