Anyone Can Start Developing Now With Game Jolt Jams

After setting up numerous events of its own, website Game Jolt is now opening a game jam generation platform for the public to use. In Game Jolt Jams, it’s possible to either start up an event or participate in one that will be centralized there.

On the hub, there are a variety of options for creators to get started, after creating an account, naturally. That way, game jams can have requirements that are as closed off or open as needed, while being transparent for others to see.

Options include Twitter or Twitch integrations, screenshots and so forth.

In a sort of Myspace-esque move, you’ll be able to customize your project page to fit your style. A project will receive its own unique page.

With project results in hand, the Game Jolt Jams pages can put up an easy list for the community to rate the ideas that they enjoy. Again, different scoring options are possible, for either a uniform or categorized tally.

There’s additional support on the back-end of events that can make organizers use things like Google Analytics, to track stats. It should even be able to follow up on traffic in real time.

Should you be itching so hard to make a quick new thing, Game Jolt Jams is also mobile device ready. You might want to actually code a project on a PC somewhere though.

Previously, Game Jolt also put up GameBoy Jam 3, which will work on classic pixel art formats. Through the new Game Jolt Jams hub, there are currently 9 active events and counting.

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