Upcoming God Of War Updates Will Include Control Remap And Bigger Text

God Of War released two weeks ago after getting amazing reviews from critics, record-setting sales by debuting at the top of UK charts and being the fastest selling game in the series. That’s not enough as Sony Santa Monica is already thinking about the future and revealed some plans for the future updates.

In an official blog post, Santa Monica said it’s happy to watch and hear from the players, and also revealed some of the things they are working on in the future patches. Photo mode will be coming in the future update as promised before by the studio.

The issue that everyone reported, having small text size on the menu is now being fixed permanently. It has been addressed before in a patch but now they are coming with a permanent solution by increasing the text size of all menus and subtitles.

Furthermore, they are planning an additional control option to remap Rage Mode. God Of War’s default controls is similar to the Souls, which is quite different from the original games. You can still change the controls to classic but if for some reason you are having an issue don’t worry you will be able to remap it in the future update.

As for the bug fixes, Studio is aware of a common bug:

”We are continuing to investigate an issue where selecting the “New Game” option from the main menu without closing down the application first may result in missing dialogue and possible progression blockers. To avoid this in the meantime, please close down the application before starting a new playthrough.”

Santa Monica is also working on fixing infrequent crashes and bugs to make the God Of War experience better than before. God Of War has been getting patches almost regularly since the release so we expect these new ones to arrive soon.

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