Fuse Weapons Guide – Xenotech, One-Handed, Two-Handed and Heavy

The weapons in Fuse are kind of a big deal, as is natural in a shooter game. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that there are a decent number of guns, firearms and boom-sticks available for players to collect and use. These weapons are divided into four main categories; Xenotech, Two-Handed, One Handed and Heavy.

Xenotech weapons are tied to your character and are unique to them. They are very powerful and have very different effects and playstyles.

Two-Handed weapons are also very common in Fuse; they’re quite useful, and are what many of you will be using, for the most part, when not using the Xenotech weapons.

One-Handed weapons are smaller and usually deal less damage to enemies. These are usually the guns you bring out when your Xenotech and Two-hander’s clip runs out.

Heavy weapons are not really equippable. You basically find them lying around on the battlefield, and you can choose to pick them up to use them for a short time. When using a heavy you can’t run or swap weapons without dropping it first.

Each character in Fuse can equip one Xenotech, one Two-Hander and one One-Hander.

Fuse Xenotech Weapons

Jacob Kimble’s Xenotech weapon, the Arcshot is a powerful crossbow that fires high-velocity bolts armed with fuse augmented Mercury. With the Charged Bolts skill unlocked, you can hit multiple enemies and Alt-Fire to triggers a charge shot, igniting all enemies in a continuous lethal chain.

The Magshield is Dalton Brooks’ Xenotech ‘weapon’. It basically creates a mobile barrier from Fuse that stops bullets in their tracks and also repels them back at the enemy. With the Deployable Shield skill unlocked, Alt-Fire deploys a stationary shield on the battlefield.

This Xenotech is property of Isabelle Sinclaire. The Shattergun is a crowd-control weapon that uses compressed melanite rounds augmented with fuse to encase enemies in living crystal. When an enemy is crystallized, they can be shattered with traditional rounds. With the Med Beacon skill unlocked, Alt-Fire will launch a beacon that heals and revives agents injured in battle.

Warp Rifle
The Warp Rifle is Naya Deveraux’s Xenotech. It uses anti-matter with Fuse to create violent singularities that rip enemies apart. With the Phantom skill unlocked, press Alt-Fire to create a cloaking effect over the agent, which is ideal for stealth assassinations.

Fuse Two-Handed Weapons

The Daybreaker is a three round burst rifle. The burst fire mode and scope make it perfect for medium to long range engagements.

The Harbinger is a semi-automatic sniper rifle. This weapon has an attached scope with two zoom capabilities, and it cannot be used without the scope unless firing from the hip. It has high power and high accuracy, but low fire rates and magazine capacity, making it useful for long range engagements.

The Prowler is a pump-action shotgun. This weapon, like all shotguns, is devastating in close-quarters, but becomes useless at medium and long range engagements.

The Savager is a fully automatic rifle. This weapon has a medium rate of fire, power and accuracy, making it useful at close and medium range engagements when using full auto. If an enemy is far off, fire the weapon in bursts.

Fuse One-Handed Weapons

The Dragonfly is a fully automatic submachine gun in the One-Handed Weapon category. This weapon has a high rate of fire and low accuracy. It’s best used in close quarter combat.

The Guardian is a semi-automatic pistol in the One-Handed Weapon category. This weapon has decent accuracy and a low rate of fire for being semi-auto. It’s best used in close quarter combat.

Fuse Heavy Weapons

The Incinerator is a Flamethrower in the Heavy Weapon category. Like all heavy weapons it is extremely powerful, but will weigh down the user.

The Behemoth is one of the heavy weapons in the game, and is a Minigun. The only way for a player to get one of these weapons is by killing a Leadfoot and picking it up afterwards.

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