Furi 2 Is Not Happening, The Game Bakers Explain Why

When it comes to indie games, it takes a bold idea and perfect execution. Furi was one of those games, giving players a great challenge while not compromising aesthetics. Even though the game was a major success back in 2016, its tale won’t continue. According to The Game Bakers behind it, there will be no Furi 2.

In a recent interview we held with Emeric Thoa, creative director and producer of Furi, a sequel would not have seen the same success. Indie developer studios rely on catching the eye of players with something unique. The first title delivered exactly that at the time. The studio though is off to some new adventures. Thoa explained why Furi 2 is not in their best interest:

There is no sequel planned for Furi. From the beginning, we wanted to create something unique and strong, a one-shot. We don’t believe in sequels too much, either commercially or creatively. Indie game developers don’t have the manpower and budget to face AAA companies. In order to strive, we must surprise. Our strength is in our ability to stand out. An indie game sequel is very likely less successful than an original. But Furi still gets a lot of love from players, and we are very likely to keep updating it and supporting it in the future. 

Unfortunately, we won’t get to get angry at the screen once more with Furi. That doesn’t mean The Game Bakers aren’t up to a new project. Haven, a brand new adventure RPG is releasing sometime in 2020, bearing great expectations. Taking a look at its gameplay demo, you’ll find Haven to be beautiful, fast-paced and unique in terms of gameplay.

The story follows a couple running off to a planet in order to be together. The game has a unique take on the turn-based combat and will release on PC, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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