Frostpunk The Last Autumn Beginners Tips

This guide will inform you of everything you need to know regarding The Last Autumn Beginner’s DLC so read on for the best Frostpunk The Last Autumn Beginners Tips.

There is a lot of cool new additional content ranging from new gameplay mechanics to new buildings. We will go over every one of the important new additions that come with this DLC.

Frostpunk The Last Autumn Beginners Tips

Building The Generator
A major aspect of the Last Autumn DLC is the construction of the Generator and you are left in charge. This means that the responsibility of successfully managing this construction falls upon your shoulder.

Your tasks include researching the required structures, gathering resources, setting up a Fishing Harbor/Forager’s Camp and building the Telegraph Station.

You absolutely must ensure Worker safety or else there may be problems with the production. Workers may go on strike so be sure to request more people or supplies while building Ventilation Plants.

The Weather Stays Constant
As the title implies, this DLC is completely devoid of snow so you can bring in more people than usual without needing to build Houses or Bunkhouses. Just make Tents for them to stay in.

Foraging For Food
Scouting in The Last Autumn DLC is called Foraging. You can assemble Foraging teams in a Forager’s Quarters. Foragers can explore other locations to find resources, but it’s also a good source of Food.

Once a forager’s team has found a suitable location, they can bring 80 Raw Food to the Construction Site per day for a limited time.

Another way to collect Food is to build Fishing Harbours, these are essential. Eventually, you will run out of sites for your Foragers to bring Food from and you’ll have to rely on Fishing Harbours.

Resources in Docks
Another change that came with this DLC is that certain resources are required less often. For example you will require Coal for fewer things, aside from certain buildings like Bathhouses or Ventilation Plants.  So there are no coal deposits in Coal Mines.

You will find a majority of the resources gathered up in a new building known as a Dock. As the name suggests, the resources such as Coal, Steel or Wood are shipped in from other areas and then kept in storage here.

You are able to assign 10 people so that they can help other workers gather resources from piles. After doing enough research, you can build Reloading Stations in exchange for Steam Cores and they will help them get these resources even faster.

Motivation and Efficiency
Motivation is the system that is in place instead of Hope in The Last Autumn, and it directly affects the efficiency of the workers.

If it drops below the left line then you will face a 30% decrease in efficiency, while a similar movement along the opposite line will result in efficiency getting a 30% boost.

You can increase motivation by signing the Chapel Law and building one or more. From there you have to make sure that the place is welcoming with some cozy quarters, good food and a house of pleasure.

If you really want to push it then you can provide Cocaine Pills but this comes with the risk of overdosing.