Frostpunk Resources Guide

In this Frostpunk Resources Guide, we will guide you on all the different types of resources that you can collect in the game. To sustain and expand your city with new buildings and structures, you will need to collect various resources and must have an efficient resource collection cycle.

Frostpunk Resources

Below, we have detailed all the different resources that are found in the game and how you can collect them. We have also detailed where these resources will be used in the game.


Coal is the most important resource in Frostpunk because your generators and steam hubs require a constant supply of coal. You can collect coal from coal piles that are found scattered around in the world.

Most coal piles have 500 coal to collect. You can upgrade your workers to increase their speed of coal collection. A single coal pile can support nearly 15 workers.

Apart from coal piles, coal is also found in coal deposits. To collect coal from these deposits, you must have Coal Mines. Coal Mines are built near these coal deposits to allow coal’s extraction and conversion into usable coal.

They have massive deposits of coal and a single coal deposit can have nearly 100,000 coal. Coal can also be found in craters or during scouting missions.


Wood is yet another important resource in the game. All structures require wood to be built. There are different places from where you can acquire wood. At the start of the game, your city will have a limited number of wood crates which will have around 120 wood each. As you continue to increase your city’s limits and more structures are built, this wood will run out pretty quickly.

To get some more wood, you will need to build Sawmills near frozen trees and Wall Drill against crater wall. The most common way of obtaining wood still remains the wood crates. Each crate can be assigned 15 workers to collect wood.

The process of collecting wood can be increased by purchasing upgrades in the workshop. While building a sawmill, choose a place that has a lot of frozen trees close to each other for maximum efficiency.


Steel is used for building structures as well as researching new structures and upgrades. You can collect steel from steel wreckage and can also be made by smelting iron.

At the start of the game, you will have some steel wreckages, which will provide you with some decent amount of steel. You can assign 15 citizens to each pile to speed up the process of collection. This can be increased even further by upgrading the process from the workshop. A single steel wreckage will give you around 60 steel.


You will need food to sustain your society. Everyone in the city will need food to survive so you need to have a steady supply of food all the times. Your people, however, must be provided with a proper cooked food in the form of food rations.

To grow food rations, you will need raw food and a cookhouse. Cookhouse will convert the raw food into proper food meals, which can be consumed by the people.

If your city runs out of food rations, they will start consuming raw food, which is very less efficient. A single raw food provides two food rations when processed so a single raw food can feed two people when processed but in raw form, one person will consume one raw food. There are different sources by which you can collect raw food.

Each Hunter’s Hut you build will provide you with raw food. You can also research and build a Hothouse to create more raw food. Any expedition parties when sent in the wild will also find raw food while scouting.

It is best to have multiple sources of raw food so you never run out of rations. Different upgrades in the workshop increase the effectiveness of the complete food cycle ranging from raw food collection to creation of rations.

Steam Core

Steam Cores power your advanced buildings such as Coal Mine, Wall Drill, and Hothouse. It is a very rare resource and the only one that you cannot produce yourself. To find more Steam Cores, you must send out scouting parties on expeditions.

They will find more Steam Cores for you in the wild and return it to your city for consumption. It is the rarest resource in Frostpunk.


Different iron deposits are scattered around the work. You must build Steelworks to extract and smelt iron to produce steel in the game. Any iron deposits that come in Steelworks’ radius will be automatically utilized by it.

Iron deposits have huge amounts of iron in them with around 100,000 iron in a single one. A fully functioning Steelworks will give you 60 steel each day.

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