Frostpunk Food Guide – Growing And Gathering Food, How To Cook, Boost Hope Meter

The foremost aspect of any community’s survival is sustenance and it is no different in Frostpunk. Our Frostpunk Food Guide will highlight all the possible ways you can grow food in the apocalyptic world and keep your people well fed.

Frostpunk Food

Your Frostpunk Meter is ultimately defined by two factors: the Hope Meter and the Discontent Meter.

You need to manage food resources and allow a steady supply of it to the public to ensure that the Hope Meter is up and running. This will keep the community together in a bleak world.

However, failure to do so will result in starvation and famine, allowing the Discontent Meter to stack instead. This will not bode well for anyone. Therefore, it is most important to know ways to generate food resources.

Growing/Getting Food

Initially, you will be awarded some raw food units that will last you a little while. However, time will come when you have to start thinking on your own. This will prompt you to start establishing buildings that should perform these tasks.

You can head to the Construction tab in the game’s menu and head over to the Food category.

From there, you can build buildings such as the Hunter Hut and assign certain members of the society to them. A time duration of 24 hours is required to capture 15 units of Raw Food.

Alternatively, you can establish the Heat House or Hot House that does the same job of supplying more raw units of food. However, this is less efficient and will also consume Steam Cores which are another resource to be gathered.

Nevertheless, one advantage this has over Hunter Huts is that the former can operate during the daytime.

Cooking Food

The citizens will only be able to consume food in edible form. Therefore, food has to be processed and cooked before it can be distributed and served.

This is done by constructing Cookhouses and assigning works to them. These Cookhouses can later be expanded into other establishments under the Soup Law and the Food Additives Law.

This will make the process faster and more efficient. You can also set up a building under the Care House Law to house terminally ill citizens which will consume less food.

This is all we have in our Frostpunk Food Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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