Frostpunk Buildings Guide – How To Build, Building Types, Tips (People, Health, Food, Resources, Technology)

In this Frostpunk Buildings Guide, we will guide on different buildings that can be constructed in Frostpunk. You will be building many different buildings in Frostpunk that serve different purposes such as providing your villagers shelter, collecting resources and unlock new technology.

You can also unlock new special buildings once you have progressed enough in the game using research or putting in place some new laws.

Frostpunk is the new game from the developers of This War of Mine and in this game; you must take control of the last surviving city in the world and make it prosper. Construct buildings, collect resources, manage food, create laws and regulations and do whatever it takes to make sure that your society survives the harsh cold.

Frostpunk Buildings

Frostbite offers a large variety of buildings to construct. We have detailed all available buildings below so you can easily know about the buildings and their functions in the game.

We have categorized the buildings according to their types. You can connect the buildings using roads, which allow people to move around your city as well.


The building in this category are used by your villages for shelter. Following buildings are available for construction in this category.

Tent is the basic shelter structure. It cannot withstand cold so it must be built in heat zones. One tent can allow 10 citizens to take shelter in it. It takes 10 wood to construct one tent. Tents are only good for early game sheltering when resources are low.

Bunkhouses are much better sheltering structures. Similar to tents, each bunkhouse can allow 10 citizens to stay in it.

They are also resistant to cold so you can build them outside heat zones as well. However, just like tents, they are not a very reliable way of providing shelter to your citizens.

Child Shelter
Child Shelter allows parents to send their children here during the day while they are at work. The child shelter looks after them and feeds them.

They only operate during the day and each building can provide shelter to 15 children. You unlock child shelter by going to the Book of Laws and choosing the law ‘Child Shelter’.

Fighting Arena
Your citizens need some good entertainment as well. Fighting Arenas are one of the buildings that cause dissatisfaction to remain low among citizens. Different fights are organized here which citizens can come and see in their spare time making them happy.

To unlock fighting arena, you must go to the Book of Laws and choose the law ‘Fighting Arena’.

Snow Pit/Cemetery
You can also construct Snow Pits in the game for you citizens. You can bury the dead in Snow Pits. This comes at a decision where you must decide whether to bury the dead in snow pits or bury them in a cemetery.

Head to the Book of Law and choose whichever law you want to implement. Based on your decision, either Snow Pit will be unlocked or Cemetery will be unlocked.

Public House
Public House is yet another entertainment building that you can build in the heat zones only. They cannot be build outside the heat zones. Citizens can visit these Public Houses for entertainment. It keeps dissatisfaction low.

To unlock Public Houses, you must go to the Book of Laws and implement law ‘Public House’. Citizens need to spend an entire night in Public Houses to bring their dissatisfaction down.


The buildings in this category are aimed at providing medical assistance to the citizens when they need it.

Medical Post
Medical posts are small infirmaries that can provide basic health care to all your citizens. At one time, five citizens can be treated at one Medical Post. In addition, they can only be built in the heat zone. One Medical Post will cost you 25 wood. Can be upgraded in the workshop to increase the healing efficiency.

Care House
Care Houses are advanced infirmaries where more serious patients are treated. When a citizen gets terminally ill in a medical post, he will be shifted to a Care House.

To unlock Care House, go to the Book of law and choose the law ‘Care House’. Similar to Medical Posts, Care houses can only be built in heat zones.


In this section of our Frostpunk Guide, we have detailed all the buildings that have something to do collecting and managing food in the game.

Cookhouses make food for your citizens. They will turn any raw food into one that is edible by the citizens. They can be built in heat zones only. Each cookhouse costs 20 wood. 1 raw food can be converted into two edible meals.

Hunter’s Hut
Hunter’s Hut provide you with raw food, which is later processed in the cookhouses. Each Hunter’s Hut costs 25 wood. It can be upgraded in the workshop and at one time, you can assign 15 hunters to a single hut. It provides 15 raw food and after the upgrade, it is increased to 20 raw food per day.

Hothouses can be built for growing some crops and provides raw food each day. Each hothouse costs 20 wood and 1 steam core. It can also be upgraded in the workshop. They must be built in heat zones.


This section of the guide lists all buildings that are used to collect different resources in the game.

Resource Depot
Resource Depots are used to store collected resources. Each resource depot can only store one type of resource so you must build one for each new type of resource that you want to collect. Each resource depot will cost you 40 wood and 20 steel.

Gathering Post
Gathering Post is a big warehouse where all types of collected resources are stored. They are not limited to a single type of resource.

Assign employees to a gathering post and they will automatically seek and collect different nearby resources for you. Each gathering post will cost you 15 wood and 5 steel.

Sawmills are used to cut down frozen trees for collecting wood as a resource. You must unlock them by researching Sawmill at the workshop. Each sawmill will produce up to 80 wood per day for you. Each Sawmill will cost you 10 wood to construct.

Coal Mine
Coal Mines help you to extract coal from underground deposits. They must be researched from the workshop before you can build them. You will need to spend 20 wood and 10 steel to research them.

Once they are in place, they will convert coal into a useable resource by collecting them from nearby underground deposits.

Coal Thumper
Cola Thumpers are used to extract coal deposits to the surface so that they can be processed into useable coal. They assist Coal Mines in the extraction of coal. They must be researched at the workshop to unlock them. They can provide coal to two gathering posts to collect coal.

Steelworks are used to dig iron out of underground deposits. They also smelt the iron and turn them into useable steel which is then used to construct buildings. They need to be researched at the workshop prior to building. They require 10 wood to research.

Wall Drill
Wall drills are also used to extract wood from frozen trees. Research them at the workshop to be able to build them. They require 20 wood and 10 steel to be researched.


This section of the guide details all buildings that fall in the category of technology.

Workshop allows you to research more buildings to construct and many other upgrades. We recommend that you build one as soon as possible to unlock the ability to construct more structures.

Each research here takes a significant amount of time but you can counter that by constructing more workshops. Each additional workshop reduces the time it takes to complete a research. Each workshop costs 15 wood and 5 steel to construct.

Beacons must be researched at the workshop before they can be built. They allow you to create recon teams, which go out in the wild on expeditions. They are used for surveying the areas beyond our sight. It also helps people in the wild to find your city easily by its glowing light high in the sky.

Steam Hub
Steam Hubs are powered by the generator and they create heat zones for your citizens to survive in the cold. Buildings require a certain amount of heat as well to operate while some buildings can only be built in these heat zones.

All this make Steam Hubs vital for your city expansion and sustainability. You can research them at the workshop.

Since they run on coal so building more Steam Hubs will increase your coal usage. You must have a steady supply of coal to power all the steam hubs. They come with four steam levels and as they increase in their level, they provide additional heat in the heat zones as well as use more coal to operate.

The Generator
The generator provides power and heat to your entire city making it one of the most important buildings in the game. Each building in your city requires power and a heat level to operate. The generator makes sure that each building gets both of them.

It requires coal to operate so you must make sure to have a steady supply of coal for it at all times. It can be shut down as well we would not recommend that you shut it down for any reason.

It has four levels of operation. As you advance in these levels, more coal will be required by the Generator to operate but it increases the temperature in all heat zones. If you lose your generator, all your structures power down and you heat zones lose power so it is the most important structure to sustain your city.

This concludes our Frostpunk Buildings Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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