Frostpunk Book of Laws Guide

The Book of Laws contains all of the laws that you can enact in order to change the lives of the people in the city. It is very important to be aware of all of the laws that you can enact at certain times during the game to save the city. Unsure of how to use the Book of Laws? Consult our Frostpunk Book of Laws Guide.

Our Frostpunk Book of Laws Guide will tell you everything you need to know about using the Book of Laws, the laws available in the book, and some of the laws that may end up being imperative to the smooth functioning of the city and its survival.

Frostpunk Book of Laws

The choices will usually impact the morale of your citizens. If you really want to have a law that may end up causing dissatisfaction among your citizens, it is best to have another law that can compensate for this law.

The laws will relate to a lot of different things such as food, medicine, and a host of other things. Each decision that you make will allow you to have new laws that you can enact. This way, you will constantly be making decisions that can impact the lives of your citizens.

Just remember that there is absolutely no reason for you to allow lynching in your city, as it will eradicate hope from your city and cause a lot of murders; having fewer people available to work for you.

Here is a complete List of laws:

The first Book of Law is the Adaptation book and it has the following options:

  • Soup or  Food Additives
  • Radical Treatment or  Sustain Life
  • Radical Treatment or  Sustain Life
  • Cemetery or  Corpse Disposal
  • Alternative Food Source
  • Extra Rations for the Ill or  Overcrowding
  • Cemetery or  Corpse Disposal
  • Care House
  • Ceremonial Funerals
  • Triage
  • Prosthetics

Now beyond the Adaptation Laws you have two option you can either choose the Faith book of Laws or you could go for Order Book of Laws, these are called the Purpose Laws.

Faith Laws:

  • House Of Prayer
  • Shrines
  • Field Kitchen or House of Healing
  • Evening Prayers
  • The Temple
  • Righteous Denunciation
  • Faith Keepers
  • Public Penance
  • Protector Of The Truth
  • New Faith

While the Order Laws Include:

  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Morning Gathering
  • Foreman
  • Guard Stations
  • Patrol
  • Propaganda Centre or Prison
  • Forceful Persuasion
  • Pledge of Loyalty or Agitator
  • New Order

Here are the laws that you can use in Frostpunk Book of Laws.

Dueling Law
This law allows disagreements to be settled by a duel fought to the death. This law will have spontaneous deaths but will slightly decrease discontent.

Public House
This place will allow people to have a drink. A new building that will increase hope and bring down discontent.

Fighting Arena
This law will create a new building known as the Fighting Arena. It will help bring discontent down, as people will be able to relieve tension by watching fights. The signing will also increase hope and oblige you to build a Fighting Arena for your people.

Emergency Shift
You will be able to increase the work time of a few buildings. This will allow them to work from 19-hours a day to a full 24-hours.

This is a law that has to be toggled on for each building individually. Remember that you have to use this carefully and there is a chance that a worker may die from working too hard.

It is also very important to have an eye on your resource piles when having this law enacted and enabled.

Hard Work Rigor
This law will allow you to extend workdays to 14 hours. Beware though as it will cause quite a bit of discontent in the people. This also needs to be toggled on for each building.

Child Labor; Safe Jobs
Children will be allowed to do safe jobs such as cooking. This will slightly decrease hope though, so be careful!

Medic/Engineering Helpers
Children will be taught engineering and medicine. They might help at the facilities and increase their efficiency.

You will be having a new blueprint that will cook soup instead of actual meals to save resources. Signing will decrease hope and cause discontent, as will eating the soup.

You can also add in the additional Food Source Law here that will allow humans to be used as raw meat. However, that will also decrease hope and cause discontent.

Radical Treatment
Everything will be tried to cure the sick. This may be able to increase the hope in the beginning. However, the treatment may cripple the ill.

Care House
This law will build a Care House that will house the ill until they die. This will decrease burden from the Medical Posts but cause discontent. Remember that the people in the Care House will eat half as much as they would normally do.

Corpse Disposal
You will store dead bodies outside of the Heat Zone. It will erase the risk of disease from unburied bodies but decrease hope by a little bit. The alternative is a cemetery that will be a proper place for burial.

Organ Transplantation
This law will use the organs of the dead for the living. It will allow the sick to recover a little bit faster but has no effect on morale.

Organic Fertilizer
This law will use the bodies of the dead to fertilize the soil in all of the Hothouses. This will decrease hope but only a little bit.

Do note that our Frostpunk Book of Laws Guide is not complete yet. We will continue to update the guide with more laws in days to come. Stay-tuned!

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