Frostpunk Beginners Guide

The guide is for players about to embark on their journey in the post-apocalyptic city building game Frostpunk. Our Frostpunk Beginners Guide will shed light on the basic concepts, themes, and mechanisms that you need to be aware of to excel and get good results.

Frostpunk Beginners Guide

Surviving in the harsh conditions, you will have to gather resources, utilize them to their maximum potential, and plan what is next to come.

In this city-building simulator with a sci-fi twist of the world having gone frozen, it is your job to keep the survivors fed and warm. Below, you can find some Frostpunk Tips to make sure you last as long as possible and your whole experience is satisfying.

Constructing Buildings and Workshops

Building has everything to do with growing food and processing it. Moreover, healing citizens, entertaining them, and countless other purposes are served with establishments.

Therefore, build as often as you can. The raw food units can be supplied by establishing the Hunter Huts.

After that, use Cookhouses to make them into edible sources of food. Other establishments like the Care House and Fight Clubs will also lead to a well-maintained community.

Although workshops will be slow to start showing their worth, they are crucial to survival of the community. Your citizens will be categorized according to their occupation e.g., engineers should be allowed to work in workshops where their talents are best utilized.

Similarly, you can choose workers to mine coal, etc.

Heat is the Name of the Game

More than anything else, you have to keep your citizens warm. This is employed by placing generators to create thermal energy. Never turn the generators off! Instead, if it is getting too hot, use an Overdrive Tech to alter and bring the Steam Level of it down a notch.

Moreover, none of the buildings will be able to function properly if an optimum required temperature is not maintained. Therefore, you can start to set up Heating Hubs wherever you can. Make sure to keep an eye on the thermometer that you can find beside every building on your screen.

Alternatively, you can use lumber from the trees you cut down and use it in the kilns. These will help power these coal-powered factories and produce fuel and heat.

This will ensure other buildings continue to function and citizens are never feeling the cold. Remember, sick citizens will miss out on work so productivity decreases.

Build Posts

It is worth building these because it requires only 10 people to gather every resource in the vicinity, they’ll work in warmer conditions and they’ll do it faster, even though it has a small radius.

Otherwise, you would have to spare 40 workers from your 80 Total for resource collection, and they wouldn’t be working in warm conditions

Scout Teams

The job of the scouts is to venture out and gather precious resources for the development of your city. These include Steam Cores valuable for running Heat houses for producing raw food units.

Furthermore, they also help you recruit more talented professionals whom you can assign for various functions.

Since the game will not span long enough that you have people giving birth to other potential workers someday, you will need people from outside your own city. Each scout team will have 5 members. So have more scout teams for quickest results.


You can only access buildings if you are able to connect them by roads on land. If you are able to create a whole network of buildings accessible by land, this will minimize the paths that citizens create themselves so it saves them the trouble.

This will also allow you to create more Steam Hubs which will ensure heating all around even in remote areas.

Gathering Resources and Harvesting them

Whether it is some piece of wood or some scraps of metal, you will need everything you can find and harvest. Eventually, you will be prompted to set up industries like sawmills to harvest resources from frozen trees and drilling sites to obtain minerals and ores from deep underground.

Similarly, the Steelworks and Wall Drills will ensure you are doing all the research and effort possible for survival of your community. If you are worried about an industry producing so much that storage is getting reduced, you can use Resource Depots. These will help you clear storage so the material productions continue.

Choose Whether to use Automatons or not

On the bright side, these are robots with no needs including no heat to be provided or food resources. However, these are prone to get damaged every once in a while on the account of them being fragile machines.

Additionally, they will often retreat to nearby generators to refuel themselves. If they do this while on a coal plant shift, there’s a possibility the plant will stop providing energy to the generator and so both stop working.

This will leave the robot useless and your plant inactive until you have a manned workforce. Note, you can also choose to refuel Automatons via the Steam hubs.

Hope and Discontent

The game has these two bars that sometimes go hand-in-hand but are always important to how the game plays out in the end. Hope Meter is to be pumped up by making sure laws are passed to keep people happy, health, and warm.

Also to make people happy, you can fulfill some of the demands they will make of you.

Discontent Meter cannot be allowed to add up. Avoid emergency shifts, an absence of heating hubs, etc. You can check out our detailed Hope and Discontent Guide by heading over to the page.

Extended and Emergency Shifts

Extended Shifts are better for productivity since research gets a boost. You end up with quick results but the discontent meter may go up. This is usually not so alarming and this saves up for the time people do not work in at nights.

Workers will be required to work around 5 hours extra under this order.

Emergency Shifts, however, will result in much worse results since the citizens really get pissed off. You cannot risk productivity on the discontent of these people. Therefore, you are allowed to go with extended shifts, but avoid emergency shifts as much as possible.


There are different ways to tackle problems do not be scared to use your options and experiment a bit, this will let you understand the game better and help identify easier routes you could take.

Laws you can Use Early on

Child Labor, although a harsh law ethically, you will be able to gain 15 extra members to be used as workers (does not sound good, does it?). You are also advised to put forward the Sustain Life Law that will reduce the number of sick people and terminally ill ones with the use of tech and research. This will lead to a better workforce.

Others like Fighting Arenas and Faster Gathering will result in less discontent and a cut-down on time harvesting resources respectively.

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