Frost Birthday Challenge Rewards New Charm in Rainbow Six Siege

It has been an entire year since Frost was released in Rainbow Six Siege, arriving as part of the Operation Black Ice expansion pack.

To celebrate the momentous occasion, Ubisoft is hosting a Frost Birthday Challenge that rewards players with a unique Frost Medallion Charm for their weapons. The even is already live and will conclude next week.

To participate, players must log into their accounts and activate the challenge. After that, they must win twenty rounds in Rainbow Six Siege with the JTF2 operators, which includes both Frost and Buck. Once the goal has been achieved, head back to the application to claim the reward and attach it on your favorite weapons through the in-game inventory window.

Since there are only two operators that qualify for the challenge, expect difficulty in trying to lock either of them in as quickly as possible. As always, also expect friendly fire from disgruntled players who were unable to pick the operators fast enough.

Accompanying the Frost Birthday Challenge is also a new Mamba Bundle for Smoke. It changes his uniform and headgear to the KT Nomad Camo design, much like how we have seen in the past for Mute, Ash, Jäger and Doc.

The uniform and headgear can be purchased separately or as a complete bundle.

  • Bundle: 28800 Renown or 882 R6 Credits
  • Headgear: 15,750 Renown or 378 R6 Credits
  • Uniform: 27,000 Renown or 684 R6 Credits

New challenges and cosmetic options are always appreciated, but the community is presently more interested in the upcoming Hong Kong update. The new expansion pack is scheduled for release in May, meaning that Ubisoft should drop the official reveal soon.

According to a data mining session from last month, Rainbow Six Siege will receive Caltrop and Dazzler as the two new operators. Caltrop will have the ability to deploy both explosive and toxic mines. Dazzler, on the other hand, is a name based on the real-life non-lethal weapon that uses radiation to cause temporary blindness to its targets.

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