FromSoftware Looking For New Employees To Work On A New Action RPG Project, Bloodborne 2?

With the final DLC of Dark Souls III having been shipped, one might think developers FromSoftware would have moved away from the genre but it seems unlikely given a recent job listing.

A career opportunity ad appeared recently on a website, looking for a 2D designer that could work on a 3D action RPG for consoles, based on a dark fantasy realistic world view.

The job is a short-term temporary job which means the studio needs someone to work on an already underway project and the studio probably needs some more manpower for certain areas of the game in development which in this case means working on characters and environments.

While the Dark Souls franchise didn’t really have a realistic world view, the other recent title from the developer, Bloodborne does fit the scenario a bit with its Victorian London inspired themes and design.

The job listing doesn’t mention the development company but it does provide a big hint that indicates it is none other than FromSoftware. According to the website, the development studio has headquarters roughly seven minutes away from Sasazuka station in Tokyo. For those who don’t know, FromSoftware HQ also happens to be seven minutes away from Sasazuka station as is clearly mentioned on the developer’s website.

All of this points to the game being Bloodborne 2 although until there is any official confirmation, it should be considered a rumor. After all, the recent Prepare to Dine teaser also ended up being an entirely different IP.

With the E3 2017 coming up next month, perhaps more information on this mystery project will be revealed hopefully in the form of an announcement for a Bloodborne sequel.

However, considering that Bloodborne might be another PS4 exclusive, those without the Sony console shouldn’t be disappointed as there are also possibilities that it might be another one of many titles From Software has in development including a new Armored Core game as well as a VR title.

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