Kingdom Come: Deliverance From the Ashes Workers Guide

In this Kingdom Come: Deliverance From the Ashes Workers Guide, we will help you find the best workers for your village in the From the Ashes DLC. You will need the best workers to hire for your village who will help you manage different structures that you construct.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance From the Ashes Workers

In From the Ashes, you are made a bailiff and you must rebuild a village from the ashes. Manage the entire process of reconstructing the village, and earning some revenue in the process.

As you expand your village, you will need the best workers to work for you. Assigning better workers to each building will yield better performances and higher profits, which are vital to running your village successfully.

Certain buildings require certain skills, which are not present in all the NPCs so you will need to get out there and find the perfect NPC for the job.

You will find Kunesh in Rattay and is available for hire if you have not fought him during the main quest of the game. Some of the NPCs are also related to the main story of the game so not everyone will be available to you depending on the choices you made in the main quest.

In the same area, you can talk and convince Mark to join your village who is present in Neuhof Stables. In Rattay, you can also find and hire a water carrier who will work for you as a trader.

A person is Sassau gives you the quest Queen of Sheeba; you can return to him and convince him to join your village. He is a very good weaponsmith.

You can hire Zach as your armorsmith who works at the Monastery. He is also a very good armorsmith and will be perfect for your village. You cannot hire him unless you have taken his side during the feud with Ota. If you did not side with him, Zach cannot be convinced to join your village.

In Rattay, you can find Adam who can be hired as an innkeeper for the Tavern that you build in your village. Cornelius, also in Rattay, can be hired as your trader. Some of these workers will increase your profits while some of these will unlock new options for you. Every good NPC that you hire for your village will be a value addition to your village.

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