Free-Running Steam Game Cloudbuilt Gets Launch Trailer

Speedy platform game Cloudbuilt has received a launch trailer ahead of its release this week on Steam. It will finally arrive on March 20, 2014.

In it, we get a closer look at the game’s visuals during some gameplay segments. It looks like the development time has added even more refinement to the uniquely colorful world.

Textures and models are a mix between slick renders and a layer of more crayon-like etches. Together with saturated gradients, this gives Cloudbuilt a distinct vibe.

It pairs this atmosphere together with a fast-paced platform mechanism built on free-running. In Cloudbuilt, players must simply reach the goal in any way they wish.

Still, that’s easier said than done. On the way, there are many perils, which can also be seen in the trailer.

For instance, one of the main designs for environments is that platforms are far and wide apart, making any jump a life or death situation. Moreover, multiple enemies can block the path, as well as some traps.

Speed is everything in this game. Outpacing foes can help, but its main drive is to neatly leap from one end to the other. It’s possible to jump on walls and bounce around like that.

Cloudbuilt also has an open design, leaving the path of progress to the player’s whim.

Originally, the game was approved through Steam Greenlight, after an extended period of time. It has since been picked up by publisher Rising Star Games, known for releasing titles like the Harvest Moon series.

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