Cloudbuilt is Going to be Published by Rising Star Games

Swedish developer Coilworks has reached an agreement with publisher Rising Star Games to handle the release of Cloudbuilt. This upcoming indie venture is set for launch sometime this year.

An immediately captivating part of Cloudbuilt is its stylish presentation, using both heavy cel-shaded models and environments, but adding thickly drawn etching. This pairing emanates a rather rushed feel, certainly when splattered with tons of lighting blobs.

Speed is the focus of this platform title. Players can run freely throughout levels, but should do so with caution. Environments are made up of stitched together panels suspended in air, gaping giant chasms between them.

To assist in both speed and agility, it’s possible to activate a jetpack that can help you attain new heights or overcome wider distances. As the game progresses, new skills will join gameplay to offer more versatility.

There are more than 20 stages in total. Furthermore, stage selection features branching paths.

Martin Defries of Rising Games stated:

Steam’s Greenlight is a great indicator of what people want to play and Cloudbuilt breezed through this process due to its refreshing take on the platform genre.

We’re not really sure what their definition of “breezed” is, but it’s hardly a reality. As an indie release, Cloudbuilt was one of the first games to be put on Steam Greenlight in August of 2012. It was approved on October 30, 2013.

For added perspective: Several games have blown through the process in mere days, others still have done so in weeks.  Cloudbuilt took over a year.

Regardless, it’s strange for the game needing exposure of a publisher after the facts, but there are certainly things that can be achieved more easily with the company’s backing. For instance, the publisher recently handled the PC release for Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut.

Cloudbuilt’s agreement comes with a few new screenshots.

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