Get a Free PC Game For Steam, Limited Time Offer

Every once in while Humble Bundle brings a free PC game for gamers to enjoy and this time Humble bundle has brought another free Steam game and all you have to do is go ahead and claim it.

Humble Bundle is offering a copy of Guns of Icarus Alliance for free. Just head over to the website and claim a free copy of the game, all you need is a Humble Bundle account and a PC to play the game.

Guns of Icarus Alliance is a team-based game that features airship battles in a steampunk world. Players will have to take on different roles and work together in order to be victorious.

Aside from being a multiplayer title, the Guns of Icarus Alliance also features PvE experiences for players to enjoy if they don’t feel like fighting with other players.

Guns of Icarus Alliance is a multiplayer title developed by Muse Games for PC and PlayStation 4.

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