“Free Multiplayer Weekend” Revealed for PlayStation 4

Sony is planning to soon offer a “Free Multiplayer Weekend” for all PlayStation 4 owners, even if they don’t have a subscription to PlayStation Plus.

According to a report, the free weekend will run from January 16 – 18 and be without any limitations. That means players can play any title online and with their friends during these two days.

For those unaware, the PlayStation 4 requires a mandatory PlayStation Plus subscription in order to play games online. This wasn’t the case with the PlayStation 3 where multiplayer was for free. With the new hardware, Sony stated that it had a lot of new features for the masses and that meant trying to keep up with the cost. One option was to keep the service free but consequently lower quality and the other was to charge for online play. Sony opted for the latter.

It’s note worthy that not all games charge for multiplayer. There are titles like War Thunder and others (few) that allow players to go online without the need of PlayStation Plus. However, all the major titles opt for the PS Plus and players will have to eventually buy a subscription some time.

via Reddit

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