Twitch Prime Is Giving Free FIFA 19 Packs, Here’s How To Get Them

It seems that the streaming service, Twitch Prime, has been quite generous lately. After giving exclusive Apex Legends skins to subscribers earlier this year, Amazon’s Twitch Prime is back yet again, giving two free FIFA 19 Packs to subscribers.

These two free FIFA 19 packs based on the FIFA Ultimate Team “Futties” special event that offers special reward packs. The first FIFA 19 pack will be made available starting today. It will include one player with a rating of 86 or higher, and three rare gold player items.

The second pack, however, will be made on the 8th of August. It will have a player of 87 OVR or higher and two rare gold player items.

If you don’t have a Twitch Prime subscription right now, not all hope is lost for you. You can quickly take advantage of Twitch Prime’s free trial offer. Just make sure your Twitch account is linked to your EA account. The reason for this is that Twitch Prime’s free trial offer can only be claimed on one platform.

Furthermore, you can also do a couple of other things if you want to redeem these two FIFA 19 packs that come with Twitch Prime.

Link Your Amazon Prime and Twitch Prime:

Anyone who has a Twitch Prime account is eligible for these two FIFA 19 packs. Subscribers who have an Amazon Prime account can also be eligible as long as they link their Amazon Prime and Twitch together.

  • Login to Twitch or register for a Twitch account here via your web browser.
  • Head to the Twitch Prime page and hit sign in.
  • Sign in to your Amazon Prime account.
  • Go to the top left of the aforementioned Twitch Prime page and select “Link Twitch account”.
  • Sign in to your Twitch account (if you haven’t already) and confirm you wish to link your Twitch and Amazon account.

Once you have linked those your Amazon Prime and Twitch Prime together, you will be able to redeem your FIFA 19 packs. Simply go to Twitch Prime’s FIFA 19 loot page and press the “Claim Now” button. Follow the given instructions and you will get the two packs for FIFA 19.

It is worth noting that this FIFA 19 content is not available in China, India, and embargoed territories. You will still be able to access the FIFA 19 packs content if you cancel your Amazon Prime/Twitch Prime account.

The only downside is that you won’t be able to claim future offers until you reactivate your subscription. Furthermore, this offer can only be applied once to a single EA account.