Franklin Voice Actor Asks GTA 6 Fans To Be Patient: Don’t “Knock Rockstar Down”

Another call for patience has been made and for disappointed fans to stop accusing Rockstar Games for “milking” Grand Theft Auto 5 instead of focusing on Grand Theft Auto 6. The developer will only release GTA 6 when ready and the public needs to understand this fact unless they want a half-baked product.

Taking to Instagram earlier today, Shawn Fonteno, who voiced Franklin Clinton, urged fans to be patient for a little while longer. He stated that trying to “knock Rockstar down” holds no meaning since there is an entire “process to put these games out” and as such, GTA 6 will see the light of day when ready.

He further pointed out that if the developer decided to release GTA 6 right now in an unfinished state, fans “would not accept” the game any way. To clarify the development process further, Fonteno revealed that it took “four/four-and-a-half years to film and complete GTA 5.” GTA 6, being a next-generation take on the massive sandbox franchise, would naturally require more development time. Hence, fans need to trust Rockstar Games for putting out a polished and stable game even if it involves an excessive amount of wait.

Fonteno is not alone here. Ned Luke, who voiced Michael De Santa, shared a similar opinion several months back. He asked fans to not believe any rumors about GTA 6 since most of these self-claimed insiders are just click-baiting content.

What Luke and Fonteno have said does carry value. If anything, all of these past rumors and leaks have led the public to hold high expectations, which Rockstar Games is not entitled to fulfill. The developer is known to keep its cards close and as such, GTA 6 will be announced (or released) when Rockstar Games deems it best.

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