ForzaVista Coming Soon To Free Roam In Forza Horizon 3

ForzaVista might be coming soon to free roam Forza Horizon 3 if the information discovered from the recent patch is any indication.

A Forza community member decided to poke around a bit more into the latest Forza Horizon 3 update, after all the same update also revealed all the future cars that will be added to the game, and discovered the ForzaVista mode might be coming to the game soon in a different form.

Originally introduced in Motorsport 5, ForzaVista allows players to fully explore all the vehicles in the game as well as toggle various parts such as doors in open or closed state. While the mode had already been in the game since launch, it required players to be in garage to activate.

According to this new update information, that will no longer be necessary and players will be able to enter ForzaVista mode out on the road during free roam whenever they want without having to return to a garage.

All the features of the ForzaVista mode will be present in this new version but instead of seeing the car in a housed environment, players will be getting a new look at it out in the open Australian map. All the vehicle damage and dirt should also be visible in this state.

Apart from the new and improved mode, the Photo Mode of Forza Horizon 3 also seems to be getting an upgrade with the new patch.

It seems like players will now be able to take even higher resolution photos with more blur options available to them for a better depth of field effect.

While there is no current information regarding the release of these features, if they are actually intended for release, considering that they were part of the developer build of the game which users were urged to remove from their systems, it is highly likely we will see the changes in the game soon enough.

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