Forza Motorsports 7 Features Graphical Improvement Exclusive To Xbox One X

Forza Motorsports 7 is a couple of months away from launch and fans are excited to get their hands on the game. With the game being an Xbox exclusive it will also come to Xbox One X with noticeable improvements like 4K/60FPS but, Forza 7 will feature one improvement that will be exclusive to Xbox One X.

In an interview with Official Xbox Magazine, Creative director Bill Giese explained the different graphical and audio techniques Turn 10 is using to make Forza Motorsports 7 a more immersive experience. He also revealed a technical feature which is exclusive to Xbox One X.

The technical feature exclusive to Xbox One X is the dynamic cube mapping which the director describes will help “better seat the cars in the world”. The technique uses six different 2-D images/textures for each side of the cube map instead of just one.

What is means that each frame is rendered six times excluding the main frame render which makes the scene much more immersive and realistic. However, this technique requires a lot of power and Giese revealed that it will be exclusive to Xbox One X.

As I mentioned earlier that Xbox One X will run Forza Motorsports 7 at 4K/60 FPS and according to Microsoft, even then the console will have 30% GPU power to spare.

If what Microsoft claims is true, then we would be seeing a lot of first-party titles in the future looking even better than Forza 7 on the upcoming console. Also, expect more claims from Microsoft about the console’s capability of running 4K games in coming months.

In related news, pre-orders are yet to start for the upcoming console but, fear not as Microsoft will be revealing pre-order details this Sunday for the console.

Forza Motorsport 7 will launch on October 3, 2017, for PC and Xbox One and will also be a Play Anywhere title.

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