Forza Motorsport 8 Development Continues, Adds New Mechanics

A new Forza Motorsport 8 development update on a recent stream has given fans a glimpse into the sort of stuff we can expect from the new game. While Forza Horizon 4 is still currently on the market, that doesn’t mean Turn 10 Studios is resting on their laurels from its success.

The information about the game’s development came during the Forza Monthly stream, and included a lot of news pieces about what the studio was doing to make driving feel more realistic than ever before when Forza Motorsport 8 came out.

These mainly extend to road feel and how cars will handle on tracks. For instance, a new tire model was introduced into the game, and that will be figuring into a new atmospheric pressure system. This system will cover various things like aerodynamics in cars, tire pressure, and power.

Dynamic track temperatures and dynamic rubbering on tracks were also announced. This will dictate how hot or cold the track is, which can have varying effects on cars. Dynamic rubbering is also important, because if there’s no rubber on the track, car wheels will have less grip. A new suspension model has also been added.

Forza Motorsport 8 development also reached a milestone in the past month, as it had its first studiowide playtest on December 6 of this year, meaning that it’s likely in at least some form of playable state and might be coming soon, maybe even within the next year or two.

While this is really all that we know about the game so far, it’s nice to see that Turn 10 Studios is stepping up the realism in Forza Motorsport. We don’t know what all will be available in the game, since it hasn’t been officially announced yet, but hopefully Forza Motorsport 8 development updates will keep coming as the dev team keeps working on them.


In the meantime, we’ll keep up you updated on whenever the game actually gets an announcement trailer, along with what other cars and mechanics we can expect from it.

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