Forza Horizon Showcase Events Guide – Car Prizes, Popularity and How To Win

Forza Horizon showcase events have some great cars to offer. Our guide will help you secure them.

With improvement in your popularity rank (starts from 250), you will be invited to attend some showcase events over the course of time. With every 25 rank improvement, there is one showcase event invitation. What good these events would do? Well, if you manage to win the event, you will be able to win the ride used in the competition for free.

These events, however, aren’t like the normal races as you will end up racing against air balloons or air planes. Crazy? It is, but if you are a good drive, it won’t be a big trouble for you.

And if you want to increase your rank faster, you will need to continue the credit combos for bigger bonuses. The best way to do that is to take a drifting car to an open dirt area and drive there like crazy. This will increase your popularity rank faster.

Now let’s see which events can be accessed over time as your rank improves from 250 to 1. For more help on Forza Horizon, read our Barns Locations Guide.

Popularity Level 250 (Mustang Vs Mustang)
Car Prize Mustang Boss 429
It’s the first showcase event you take part in. You will be given a Mustang, and your opponent will be in the air plane. There is no need to worry though as the air plane will take longer at turns. The simplest way to do this is forget about the damn plane and drive as fast as you can. This will net you this event and the prize.

Popularity Level 225 (Horizon High Noon Balloon)
Car Prize. Audi – Sport Quatro
In this event, you need to reach the finish line before the balloon touches the ground. Again, there is no rocket science here and all you need to do is drive as fast as you can. The showcase event can be found in north of the Montano Plains after you reach the required level.


Popularity Level 200 (Horizon Presents Manic Mini)
Car Prize. Mini Cooper S
The competition can be slightly tougher if all your opponents are driving the same car. However, if you keep your drive straight and smooth; you will manage to win the event and score a mini car.

Popularity Level 175 (The Wind Tunnel)
Car Prize. Corvette Grand Sport Convertible
The race event can be found somewhere in the middle of Gladstone and Bunker. You raced with an Airplane, right? Well, now it’s time that you go against a helicopter. The race will be more challenging psychologically as the flying bird will be in sight for most of the time.

Popularity Level 150 (Bi-Plane Beat Down)
Car Prize. Ferrari F40
Yet another plane to compete with but this time around, you will be driving a Ferrari. And after you defeat the plane, the car will be yours.

Popularity Level 125 (Scorpion Sting)
Car Prize. Abarth 500 Esseessee
You will be racing in the Abarth. Get to the finish line before the others do to win this event and the car.

Popularity Level 100 (Horizon Presents Stampede)
Car Prize. Lambroghini Aventador LP 7000-4
Another Bi-Plane event. Just beat him up and the splendid ride can be yours.

Popularity Level 75 (Horizon Presents Ruf ’N’ Ready)
Car Prize. RUF RGT-8
Don’t go crazy as you have another plane to race against. The rules are the same. Just get to the finish line before the plane does and get your reward.

Popularity Level 50 (Je M’Appelle Awesome!!)
Car Prize. Peugeot 205 Turbo 16
It’s a point to point race so make sure you aren’t at the end of the tail. Get to the finish line in the first place to earn the reward.

Popularity Level 1 (Agent of Speed)
Car Prize. Aston Martin One-77
If you want to want an Aston Martin, the race event is there for you to win. Just beat that annoying chopper and can claim that impressive ride.

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