Forza Horizon 3 Will Be Twice As Diverse As Forza Horizon 2, Dev Discusses Drone Mode And More

Fans are excited to get their hands on Forza Horizon 3, and by the looks the of it this will not disappoint its long time fans and will also appeal to new gamers. According to developers Forza Horizon 3 is twice as diverse as Forza Horizon 2.

The third entry in the franchise offers a whole lot of diversity, with game set in Australian landscape the game showcases breathtaking beaches, cities and desert environments. These new features and settings will take players to a whole new level of racing.

In a video interview Developer Playground Game’s, Ralph Fulton, expressed that he believes Forza Horizon 3 will be twice as diverse compared to its predecessor. The developers have not only brought new eco-types to the game, but they have also upgraded the visual car customization.

The game includes new body kits, variety of top tier wheel brands and tuning parts for all types of tracks. Forza Horizon 3 will also introduce 14 different driving avatars which are going to differ in races, ages and gender and design and trend.

Fulton also discussed that Drone Mode in Forza Horizon 3, which basically  enables free roaming camera to record footage during open world gameplay. The drone mode has enough speed to capture fast paced racing cars, and then share it with friends.

When asked about the future plans for the series, Dan Greenawalt of Turn 10 Studios said the he envisions never seen before innovations to the racing games, and there is so much more to car culture.

There’s so much more to car culture, and there’s so much more to this world than console games. I’m excited about new ways to explore car culture [with] new experiences and new expressions.

Microsoft revealed Forza Horizon 3 during its E3 conference and the game will launch on September 27, 2016 for PC and Xbox One. The game will also feature cross-play between PC and Xbox One.

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