Forza Horizon 2 Online Road Trips Guide – Tips and Strategy

Forza Horizon 2 features Online Road Trips and to help you understand the concept better, we have an Online Road Trip walkthrough for you.

Road Trips in Forza Horizon 2 are similar to other races, the only difference is that no one wins or losses. To put it in simple words, Online Road Trips in Forza Horizon 2 are group events/races to travel from one location to the other.

The following Online Road Trips are available in Forza Horizon 2 Castelletto Online Road Trip, Montellino Online Road Trip, Nice-Massena Online Road Trip, Saint-Martin Online Road Trip, Sisteron Online Road Trip and San Giovanni Online Road Trip.

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Online Road Trips
During the ORT all the players in a certain group will vote on the destination they will travel towards. Each player will get three choices for cars along with three for destination.

There are two ways to start an ORT. One of which is to drive to the location highlighted on the map or you can press the X button on that icon to start.

While you are busy voting for a destination, keep an eye on the 4 random race icons that appear because those will be the races you are going to be taking part in at that destination.

Although they are a fun way to spend time in the open world of Forza with family and friends, but ORT’s are not just about that. As I mentioned above they are not concerned with winning or losing, so what are they about?

Online Road Trips are all about earning money and points. You can earn around 16,880 road trip XP, 26,563 race XP 52,972 race credits, can gain 3 levels, 3 wheel spins and 43,443 experience points from ORT’s.

You can see that hours spent in ORT’s certainly have its perks.

Kicking Off The ORT
After you have chosen your car and destination, your GPS will guide you to your first race destination. For the roadtrip part of this, you will get a timer.

If you get to that destination before the timer runs out, then you will receive an XP prize but if the timer runs out, you get nothing. Once the racers arrive and the timer runs out, the race will start no matter where you are so keep that in mind.

Now, after the race begins you will see that each of the race is within the area of that destination. When the race is over you will receive a new timer, new road trip route and hopefully an XP prize.

For racers like me who lack driving skills, the good thing is that unlike other races where you have to be a part of the top three, you will all be rewarded just for being a part of the race. So the important thing is to finish the race.

Eventually, after the completion of the fourth race, you will unlock an achievement called On The Road Again. You will also be shown your stats and final points.

Also, anything you earn will apply to some other achievements as well such as Wristband, Social Caterpillar, Well Traveled, and Team Player among others.

Each of the races will count as single racing event for the social achievements. To get the Well Traveled achievement you can do any 25 ORT’s.

You are Playground, is indicating towards events such as the King Event and you will see that many of the ORT destinations feature a minimum of one Playground Game Event.

It’s a decent way to work towards this achievement as you will need to complete 100 of these events. Team Event is an achievement that will take some time to get because there are not many team events and you will have to win 50 of them.

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