Forza Horizon 2: How To Get The Super Meet Boy Achievement

Confused about how to unlock the Super Meet Boy achievement in Forza Horizon 2? You don’t have to worry, we got you covered.

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The Super Meat Boy Achievement Tips

Lets get right to it and see how you can get your hands on the Super Meet Boy achievement.

The first thing you need to do is enter a Car Meet. Don’t over think, it does not matter which car meet you enter, just enter. Take a look at all the cars present from the Meet Screen.

Look for a car that has the design available and purchase it. This will be the most difficult step to perform. Players must look for a car with the Tune available and purchase it.

Choose any car at the Meet, which you don’t already own, purchase it. Press the X button and wait for the Showdown to begin. Keep in Mind that you don’t need to perform all these steps at the same time, with the same car or at the same meet.

There you have it, by now if you have completed all the steps mentioned above, then your Super Meet Boy achievement will be unlocked.

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