Fortnite Update Brings Vending Machine This Week, Hold On To Your Materials

While the mobile version of the popular game Fortnite has now been opened for all without the invite. The developers are not letting themselves off that easy, this week’s Fortnite Update will be bringing a new Vending Machine.

Epic Games have been silently updating Fortnite almost every week with brand new skins, cosmetics, and many other various items, that include weapons and tool, only this week they will be adding a new Vending Machine.

With that, they also confirmed some stories that the fans had been speculating regarding the vending machine. Like players will be able to trade spare materials such as metal, wood, and bricks for gear.

Although for now the Vending Machine is listed as coming soon, it is not clear how everything will work. Especially, the big question is will the number of materials be equal to the quantity of the gear.

At the moment we do not know, hopefully as soon as the Fortnite Update hits the game, we will be able to let you guys know.

Be that as it may, Fortnite Battle Royale has recently surpassed GTA 5 in monthly active users. Which is pretty amazing.

We already know that Battle Royale has had no problem dealing with popularity, either its PUBG or Fortnite. For many, this is a very big deal considering Fortnite is only a year old game whereas GTA 5 is one of the best selling games of all times.

Not to mention we would recommend you guys to hold on to those materials just a bit longer, for you may never know what you could build using them or better yet, be using them for trading them to get something good.