Fortnite’s New Ice Storm Event is Now Live, Brings Snow and Ice Zombies!

Epic Games has now brought another fun event in Fortnite called Ice Storm. That massive icy orb which you saw last week in the game in Polar Peaks has now exploded revealing the Ice King and snow covering the whole in-game map.

A new kingdom rises. Prepare for battle – dive in now to take on the Ice Legion and survive the storm!

The Ice King also brings new themed challenges in the form of Ice Fiends. Ice Fiends are the new type of zombies and soldiers of Ice Legion that you will now encounter in Fortnite Battle Royale. You can find the Ice Fiends in different locations and killing them will count towards Fortnite Ice Storm Challenges. It’s very easy to spot them as they spawn from shining and glowing stones across the map.

Completing these Ice Storm event Challenges and upcoming 10 more challenges in Fortnite will grant you access to a Winter-themed thorn glider and some exclusive cosmetic items. Challenges that are now available in the game are as follows.

  • Complete 6 Ice Storm Challenges to unlock Wrap award
  • Destroy 250 Ice Fiends to earn 500 XP
  • Deal 5000 Damage to Ice Legion with Explosive Weapons to earn 500 XP

Epic Games has some more secrets hidden all over the map for this special event. Players are reporting that there’s a hidden bunker beneath the Happy Hamlet iceberg which was recently destroyed. Multiple eggs have been also found in a prison which is located secretly in Polar Peak.

Fortnite week 7 challenges of season 7 have been also revealed. You can collect Battle Stars and earn XP by visiting expedition outposts spread across the map. If you are having trouble in finding them then don’t worry as we have made a expeditions outposts guide to help you locate each one in the game.

The sneaky snowman is another item being teased by the developer and we are expecting it to arrive sometime soon in the game.

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