Fortnitemares Event Teased With a Warning on Twitter

The developers of the beloved battle royale game are teasing its fans for an upcoming event. Tweets posted by the official Epic Games account hints towards the Fortnitemares event. By the looks of the Epic Games twitter feed it is going to be a Halloween themed event.

Developers are trying to get the Fortnite fans in the mood for Halloween with this event. The specifics about the Fortnitemares event are unknown as of now. Still both the tweets suggest that we’ll be seeing more of Fornite costumes and skins.

The “warning” in the first tweet intends to add the scary flavor to Halloween Fornitemares. Additionally, the featured photo in the post signals towards some fearful Fortnite skins.

This tweet does raise concerns in the head on having a trustworthy partner in this Fornite event. The second tweet would get your mind off a partner and think only about saving your own self. This event is looking to spread the Halloween scares all around the Fornite battle arena.

While the theme of this Fortnite event seems frightening it is a mere celebration. Epic Games wants to glorify the Halloween Fortnitemares but only on a lighter note. Fans are hoping that plenty of exciting Fornite characters are in line to feature in this event.

Let’s hope Fortnitemares event comes out not through cryptic tweets but an announcement. A few days back we also noticed something fishy at the Cube Island. So, it suggests that Epic Games is cooking something up for sure.

True fans of the battle royale game would want to see a Fortnite event now more than any time else. Fortnite is starting to lose its charm with the appearance of a certain Black Ops 4 in the market. Black Ops 4 Blackout has managed to double its Twitch viewers from Fortnite.

It’s something of a big concern for the Fortnite developers. Even their celebrated pro gamer “Ninja” is thinking of switching to Blackout. Meanwhile, some scientist gathered on Fortnite Twitch stream to raise awareness. So, there is a ray of hope as well with such events.

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